Alright, here are the World Tour songs we could make dirty with in my pants inserted at the end.

  1. Come Fly With Us in my pants
  2. Lovin' Time in my pants (Probably the most perverted)
  3. Before We Die in my pants (How 'bout we get out of the pants before we die of nauseous fumes!)
  4. Stuck to a Pole in my pants
  5. What's Not to Love in my pants
  6. Baby in my pants (That's bad parenting...)
  7. Paris in my pants
  8. Sea Shanty in my pants
  9. Save This Show in my pants (I wonder what show goes on in those pants.)
  10. Strip Them Down in my pants
  11. We Built Gwen's Face in my pants (Why would you do that?)
  12. Wake Up in my pants
  13. This Is How We Will End It in my pants
  14. I'm Gonna Make It in my pants (I'm afraid to ask what your gonna make in your pants 0_o)
  15. Versus in my pants

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