Welcome to the third installment of What Do You Think! This week we will be focusing on Heather the Alejandro and Heather relationship. There will be two questions at the end of this one, one regarding the Queen Bee herself and another regarding the relationship.

Alright, let's talk about Heather and her personallity throughout the entire series. In the beginning Island, evil was already shining off of her, which I didn't really like but could sort of deal with it until she went and kissed Trent, ruining Gwent's relationship (I'll get to that relationship next time), which was an all time low in evil-ness, which made me despise her. In TDA, she was fine but i still didn't like her but... I strangely preferred her bald over a full set of hair. When I heard she was in World Tour, I had a feeling I would hate her singing. At first, I thought it was fine but refused to sing along with her lines but... about the time Sea Shanty came along, I finally, after two whole season, came to my senses and realized she wasn't all bad and was actually a fairly good singer! I came to forgive her (kind of...) of what she did in Island and grew to love her. Now I know your asking to yourself "What is the point of this story, exactly?", well, it has to do with my question at the end. Also, I just love to blab on and on about nothing sometimes...

Alright, now for AleHeather. I know most of us saw this coming, it was about time for Heather to have someone to hold, she was the only major character who didn't have anyone and along comes Alejandro, who's almost as evil as she was in TDI. To fans, it ust made sense for a villain to love a villain, and their bickering improved on that love theory. It was a tease the entire season and we loved when they kiss (Even it looked a little weird, what with Heather's cheek puffing out...) but hated that she kicked him in the kiwis right after for the prize money.

Alright, now here's where my questions come in. My first is: what did you think about Heather's changings throughout the season? Did they change or did you like her or hate her the whole time? What hairstyle did you like of hers, long, bald, short, or wigged? My Aleheather question is what did you think about the relationship and what did you think when she pushed him aside for the million?

Until next time, post in the comments and have a great time!

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