i want to know most of your feeling about Duncan's choice of relationships, if he made the right choice or was being very stupid.

here's what i think: now i love Duncney but i feel he's just trying to be in the right relationship. he wants someone who loves him but doesn't want someone to nag him constantly and try to change him into something he's not. that's why he loves Gwen, he feels happy and completely ok with her (most likely why he lifted his foot up when he kissed her in the Ex-Files.)! i can't really say if he was stupid for ruining a perfect relationship with Courtney or not because... it's his choice. i know that sounds weird to some of you but let a character do what they want to do. unless it's something really bad, then you should go to the writers and ask them "what the crap were you thinking?!?" and explain how you would do it. directors know what they're doing but fans know what they want and can improve on it. but you'll run into different opinions, of course, that's how the world works.

until next time, contemplate on this and tell me what you think, i love to know others opinions on many things.

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