I decided to re-watch Action today and I have to ask: What's with all the hate? It's an ok season, nothing's really bad with it. The only thing I didn't like was Geoff's egotism in the Aftermath's. I didn't get to when Courtney re-entered the competition but I will tomorrow and will probably be annoyed by her whining and abuse to Duncan's nether regions... Erm, anyway, it's not any worse than World Tour (Admit it, something went terribly wrong that season) and doesn't deserve to be looked down upon. Also, I really do find Justin an ok antagonist, he wasn't half bad.

Edit: I ended up watching all of TDA last night and it still wasn't bad (Although I agree with the comments on youtube for Get a Clue, Courtney was worse than Veruca of Willy Wonka...). Which is more than I can say for World Tour because 4 episodes in, I was bored and just decided to watch two Aftermaths and all the songs and then watched Island (Which is still great of course lol). Yeah, Action might have ruined Duncney a bit but WT completely destroyed it by breaking them up and making Gwuncan canon.

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