This is a fanfiction I made about Duncan a few months ago at school. I know it's not the best, the writing could be better but... I don't care. By the way, I think I should mention that this has a lot of Christianity in it so if your not the religous type, don't be offended or don't read this.

Chapter One:

One night, while robbing a store, Duncan stopped right in his tracks and fell to the floor. he seemed to be asking why has he gone down this road full of lying and stealing for most of his life and decided to put the stolen items back. 10 minutes later, after organizing everything, he felt good about himself. unfortunately, the cops were there after the alarm in the store went off when he broke in. the leader of the police cars was a very familiar man, his dad, who had busted him many times before after stealing and very tired of doing this all the time. the oddly colored mo-hawked teen comes out of the store with his hand up, much to the surprise of his father because he knows Duncan would leave way before they even came. while his buddies are ready to cuff him, he notices his son is empty handed and even searches his pockets for any stolen goods -only to find his lighter- and questions him why he doesn't have anything. the teenager replies that he put them back and he doesn't want to steal anymore.

Skeptical, his dad asks -after many years of declining the offer- if he'd finally consider going to church. after a few minutes pondering this question, the boy replies "fine, pops." shocked that he accepted and called him pops (he hadn't done that since he was little), he handed Duncan a bible and said "read up, your going next week." Duncan wonders why he can't go this week and the officer replies that he wants to make sure he won't get into any trouble. the two make a bet that if Duncan reads at least a few pages of the bible and/or doesn't go back to his old ways, he can go to church.

Chapter Two:

After a week had passed, Duncan was allowed to go. on the car ride he, dressed in his father's old blue tux, said he was little confused with some things he read in the bible earlier that week. "well, how much did you read?" asked his dad, re-adjusting the rear-view mirror to glare at his done-up son. "the first book" admitted the lazy teenager. "as you keep reading you'll understand it more" said his mother, thrilled to have her son finally join them for service. when they got to church, he paid some attention -as much as you can with loud crying babies behind and beside you- to the lessons that were taught and was rather impressed. after church, he asked if he could go back next week to which his mother delightfully proclaimed "of course you can!" while his dad, unsure and still filled with disbelief of his son's change and asked "are you sure?" "well... kind of" replied Duncan, explaining that he was confused on some of the lessons taught during service but will read a little more of the bible to understand.

Chapter Three:

A few days later, his dad had had enough of his son's goodness. "ok, cut the crap, what are you planning?!?" he interrogated "...what?" replied a slow Duncan. "oh, come on, i'm not a fool, i know you can't be good forever!" angrily replied his father. shocked but understanding of his dad's sudden outburst, Duncan said "i know this might sound strange coming from me but.... i think God reached out to me that night i was robbing that store. i had a dream later that night, he was calling me to be.... baptized, i believe?" His father was still a little a little skeptical by this but was willing to help his son study for baptism. "cool, pops" replied the pierced teenager "but... what is baptism? i mean, what does it mean to do it?" he asked. his father went on to explain that baptism is what we do to wash away our sins and become a part of the lord, Duncan filled with amazement. "I even hear there's going to be one this sabbath" the officer informed.

Chapter Four:

After service, Duncan asked the pastor if he could get baptized "sure, you just have to study and i'll set the date." said the pastor. later, at home, Duncan asked "do i... have to get rid of my piercings and mo-hawk?". without hesitation, his father blurted "YES!" while his mother, glaring at her husband, said it was all up to him. she even went on to say it could be useful for witnessing to people in juvie or jail. "pff, like he'd ever do that" scoffed his father. "Honey!" said his wife sternly. turning to Duncan, she excused the cop's behavior saying he was tired of catching his son and now he's bored and annoyed without catching him. Duncan said it's ok and then asked what witnessing is. "it's when you teach others about your walk with God; now quit asking all these stupid questions, giving me a friggin' headache!" angrily replied his dad, going to his bedroom for a nap. "he's been so stressed lately, he just can't grasp the fact you've changed, sweetie" said his mom. shrugging, Duncan said "it's alright, i wouldn't believe it either if i was him".

Chapter Five:

Later that day, his mom went off to buy a few things, leaving him and his father home alone for a while. the officer loomed in front of the mono-browed teen "what the-? hey, move it, it's the last lap and i'm just barely in lead!" said Duncan angrily, pausing his game. "drop it." said the gruff cop. thinking he's talking about the controller, he puts it aside confusedly "not that, the facade!" his dad barked "you might have you mother, gullible as she is, believing you but i never will. i'm keeping a close watch on you" he warned. "whatever, Chef was more intimidating than you" said the punk, recalling his time on Total Drama. "maybe so but i'm you father. hey, i got an idea, why don't you go find those two girls you 'like' from the show and just mess with their hearts some more?" mocked the policeman. that comment had set Duncan off because he loved both Gwen and Courtney deeply. "hey, leave them out of this! what the crap is wrong with you anyway?!?" he questioned. "i just can't believe the son i raised would just randomly become good after a long time of living a life of crime!" reasoned his father.

The conversation got worse from that point on, there was yelling and stuff being thrown across the room. when Duncan's mother came home, she found the front room a mess and saw the two men, bruised, in the kitchen having a glaring contest. she broke the two up, demanding an explanation. while in different rooms, she asked her husband first and then her son. "he's freaking crazy! i was just playing video games and he just got in front of me saying to 'drop the facade.'" he said immediately as she came into his room. "he told me to go mess with Courtney and Gwen and... i just snapped!" he confessed. he told her everything he remembered about the conversation and she said "just give him some time, i'll pray for both of you to get along." then she put a track chart on his door and a teen devotional beside him "i expect you to read that every day and mark on the charter every time you study in the bible." his mother instructed.

I will insert the sixth and final chapter sometime later, I'm too embarrassed of my writing abilities to do it right now (I just copied and pasted it from what I wrote on DA; part 6 and it's epilouge is just sitting in my room, gathering dust). There are some chapters I really like of this and others I just completely hate. I am not a fan-fiction writer, I don't try to be, I just write whatever I think of to not be bored.

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