yes, I thought I'd join in on the fun of this TD:RotI speculating-ness. Some of you might have seen my comments regarding some of the characters so you already know my thoughts on them but I will try to do all of them.

Without further ado, let's get started.

Anne Maria, the Jersey Shore Reject: Right away I have doubt of me liking this character, I've never watched Jersey Shore and probably never will because it doesn't look like my kind of show (I'm a cartoon girl, I'll stick to Dan Vs. thank you) so to have a character based off that makes me a little worried. i guess antagonist like Island Heather, but not as bad, and maybe a little bit of Courtney in there, whiney and bossy.

Scott, the Devious One: When I first saw him, I saw Duncan and his stereotype confirms he basically is the Revenge of the Island version of the skull-shirted, green mohawked, punk. bound to go far and become a anti-hero.

Dawn, the Moonchild: Probably the new Gwen, most likely the hero type; probably very quiet and shy but will eventually warm up like Gwen did.

Mike, the Multiple Personality: No doubt is this the new Cody, he has that jokester look about him and he even has a gap in his tooth.

B, the Silent Genius: I see a bit of DJ in this guy, even looks like his Camp TV prototype.

Sam, the Nice Guy-Gamer: A guy that will probably be nice to everyone and try to not have conflict and follow the rules. In the two pictures (the one in the Mess Hall and them cheering on the couch), it looks like he might have an eye problem or that's just him eating Chef's food and being tired.

Cameron, the Bubble Boy: We have a Double D on our hands, likes everything clean and hates touching dirty things. May isolate himself and keep away from fellow competitors... May be another Ezekiel? Don't get me wrong, I don't mean that as in "He's gonna leave first" (not nescarrily), I mean he'll weird others out.

Jo, the Jockette: Probably Eva, without the anger management. Most likely I won't pay much attention to her.

Brick, the Cadet: As long as he's not calling anybody maggots or shouting a lot like he's Chef or Ron the Rent-a Cop, I'm fine.

Staci, the Complusive Liar: Oh dear, we got a lying Sadie!!! First to leave, hopefully.

Dakota, the Famemonger: (blonde-haired girl) Might we all sing "I Wanna Be Famous" to describe this?

Lightning, the Athletic Overachiever: Probably willing to do all the challenges for his team to show off his skills to the camera.

Zoey, the Indie Chick:(red head girl) She looks like she might be a pretty likeable character.

And that's my thoughts of the characters. If your confused about my opinions, bare with me, i haven't seen the promo yet (not that it matters) so I'm not entirely sure on my rankings.

Edit: it's very weird that i posted my last blog the day the promo came out. now this wiki is not boring.

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