This is a little story I made after looking at a picture by Giusy on DA (Both parts are on that picture). I know how much she likes DxC so I tried not to make it a Gwuncan fic. Part one made her a little sad so I made the second part (Which I was going to do anyway). Sorry if Duncan might be a little out of character in the second part, you get it how I see him (Kind of...). I am copy and pasting from what I wrote on DA because I'm lazy. BTW, I apologized for the language at the ending of part one, it's bleeped out, though. I must say I don't swear ever because it gets me in trouble so I only used it to create drama (it works, I think)

Part One

Courtney: D-Duncan? Ha-have you ever.... loved me?

Duncan: Of course, babe!

Courtney: No, I mean love love.

Duncan: ................. *silently ponders*

Courtney: WELL?!?

Duncan: Hold on, I'm thinking.

  • A few minutes pass by*

Duncan: I did.

Courtney: Ok. Wait ...what do you mean did?

Duncan: Well, there's someone else. I'm sorry babe but things aren't like they were.

Courtney: What's different from now and back when we first kissed???

Duncan: You didn't try to control me!

Courtney: Wh-what??

Duncan: Recently you've been trying to change me and... I can't be with someone like that.

Courtney: I can stop complaining about that.

Duncan: No, I know you don't like my lifestyle and it won't change if you don't say anything.

Courtney: ...................

Duncan: *sigh* Court, I can't be with someone who.... who doesn't accept me for who I am.

  • Duncan tries to hug Courtney*

Courtney: *Now enraged and bitter* Don't you dare touch me!

Duncan: Court?

Courtney: *holding back tears* Just get out.

Duncan: I'm really sorry babe.

  • Attempts to hug again, she slaps him*

Duncan: *shocked, then pissed* Fine, be like that you little b****!

Courtney: *now crying* D*** it, you piece of s***, I thought we would be together always!

Duncan: Like I would be able to handle your nagging, you f***ing w****.

Courtney: Just get the hell (Pardon my language) out of my house, now!

Duncan: FINE!!! *slams front door almost off it's hinges on the way out*

Courtney: *to self, holding her now broken and hardened heart* I will never love him again...

Part Two

  • Duncan and Court are on a park bench*

Duncan: *rubbing his arm* So... How've you been?

Courtney: *ignoring question, annoyed* Where is she?

Duncan: Who?

Courtney: Don't play dumb with me, Gwen!

Duncan: Oh... at home. Listen, Courtney, I'm sorry about everything.

Courtney: Well, I for one am glad we went our separate ways.

Duncan: Haha, your so adorable.

Courtney: ... Excuse me?

Duncan: You're lying.

Courtney: What? No I'm not!

Duncan: *smirking* Whatever you say, princess. Let's just pretend those sobs I heard whenever you looked at us were from happiness.

Courtney: Ok, fine, so I was jealous, happy now?

Duncan: Maybe.

Courtney: Why'd you come here?

Duncan: I wanted to tell you something. Courtney... I kind of want to be with you again.

Courtney: What?!? But what about-

Duncan: She already knows, she noticed that I still loved you and she let me go. She told me she might try to get back together with Trent now that we're done.

Courtney: Amazing that you broke up with her before you came to me.

Duncan: I know, I was stupid or doing that and I am sorry. It's just that you drove me crazy and I couldn't handle it!

Courtney: Then why come back, you guys shared everything together, why go back to something you don't want?

Duncan: Princess, don't put yourself down, I left because we had too much in common!

Courtney: I don't follow...

Duncan: It was boring, we agreed on the same things which means we rarely ever fought.

Courtney: and that's bad?

Duncan: Well.. no but I liked how we were, when I would tease you and you would yell instead of me teasing Gwen and her just laughing because she could take a joke.

Courtney: Well... I'm not taking you back after what you did. That night that you left, I promised myself I would never love you again.

Duncan: So that's it? Princess, don't you get it??? I left Gwen for you!

Courtney: That doesn't change anything, you can't have me back so easily

Duncan: *smirking* You're lying again...

Courtney: oooh, your right, *running to hug him, tears of joy running down her face* I missed you!

Duncan: *Holding her tightly* Me, too. *whispers* I have always loved you, babe.

  • After hugging, tears slightly falling both their cheeks, they stare into each others eyes deeply and then share a long passionate kiss*

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