I think i might be slowly drifting away form the Total Drama fanbase... but not by a lot. i'm just a little distracted by other shows. the main distractions are Sym-Bionic Titan and Dan Vs. i just got into Dan Vs. this Monday and i have to admit my thoughts were low when i first saw it but after seeing the Dentist, Ninja, and Canadian episodes, i just fell in love. how can you go wrong with an evil dentist voiced by Mark Hamill (Luke Skywalker or Firelord Ozai), ninjas, and half-bear Canadians (yes, Canadians are half-bear... FACT!)? nothing, that's what! it's rated TV-PG but nothing like TD. as for Sym-Bionic Titan? well, it's unlike most of Cartoon Network's normal crap.

i don't think i'm going to be able to watch Clone High this week, what with me on my Dan Vs. high and all...

Edit: it seems that my blogs with interesting titles get the most comments... my plan is working! muhahahahaha (lol, just kidding)!!

Extra Edit: don't be afraid to give Dan a chance, spread the word of his great-ness! it might sound boring but it really isn't, it's hilarious. though i should warn you: at the end of the Animal Shelter episode there's a strange man that asks Dan to take off his pants.... but besides that, the show is whole-hearted comedy gold!

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