As the title suggests, I'll be using my Ipod for this one. I'll try to avoid repeat artists or songs from other memes. Meh, I always tend to have one double band on here, it's hard not to.

Rules... Aren't we familiar with them by now? Whatever, don't cheat!!! If you do, do it for the ones you think you know but don't say anything.

Song Time!:

  1. "I'll be coming home just to be alone"
  2. "They told him don't you ever come around here"
  3. "I've got it all but I feel so deprived I go up, I come down and I'm emptier inside"
  4. "Bag of Cheetos on my left and a Rockstar on my right, I'm meeting my guild at Iron Forge tonight." (Come on, Nerdfighters, show that you DFTBA!!!)
  5. "Take a look around, don't you see it? See that you are the only real face in the room?"
  6. "Maybe we, why don't we sit right here for half an hour?"
  7. "How do I get closer to you when you keep it all on mute?"
  8. "Why should I welcome your domination?"
  9. "He walks into a crowded room, smiles at everyone he sees"
  10. "I am so high I can hear Heaven *repeat*"
  11. "Lie awake in bed at night, think about your life"
  12. "I confess, I messed up, dropping I'm sorry like your still around"
  13. "I'm waiting for the night drifting away on the waves of my dreams to another day."
  14. "You never ever leave my mind, sweet sweet Madeline"
  15. "Stay out of the light or the photograph that I gave you and you can say a prayer if you need to"
  16. "You might think I know it all, maybe I'm headed for a fall" Baby
  17. "Life's like the road that you travel on, one day here and the next day gone." Life is a Highway, Rascal Flatts
  18. "I've been working with adhesives, chains and locks and rope with knots to tether" (Favorite song ^^)
  19. "I'm just a step away, I'm just a breath away, losing my faith today"
  20. "If I'm a bad person, you don't like me, well I guess I'll make my own way"
  21. "I think I'm breaking out, I'm gonna leave you now, there's nothing here for me; it's all the same"
  22. "In the car I just wait to pick you up on our very first date"
  23. "Hey, don't let yourself off yet, it's only in your head you feel left out"
  24. "*demonic voice* Time to sweat, time to move, time to get in the groove." (Remix of a song)
  25. "Up to my ears in bitter tears, can't believe I sunk this low as I walk the plankton's inner-sanctum"
  26. "When you try your best but you don't succeed, get what you want but not what you need"
  27. "There's a woman crying out tonight, her world has changed, she asks God why her only son has died..."
  28. "She said she needed a break, a little time to think, but she went to Cleveland with some guy named Leeland she met at the bank."
  29. "I think I'm about I'm about to go off, Max Weinberg kicks the show off" (such a dorky song lol)
  30. "Sit tight, I'm gonna need you to keep time so just snap snap snap your fingers for me"

Ok, I went through 2 Veggietales songs and they were both very obvous from the start.... yes, I have Veggietales on my freaking Ipod... I'm such a little kid at heart lol. I even have the Best Day Ever from Spongebob and two Phineas and Ferb songs.


4 Is based off a popular online game.

5 and 27 are by the same band

Larry the Cucumber has a line in 25 and the song was played during the credits of the Jonah movie..

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