Like the title says, I'm not going to be here for a week. Starting at 3 today, I'm going camping! I'm going to Sunset Lake, a Christian camp. I've been to this place before three years ago and it was very fun (Although I'd rather be at Creation Fest seeing Relient K and Skillet again but my sis can't take me 'cause she's somewhere else and I can't drive so.... camping it is :D). So, to those that talk and role-play with me on chat, I'm sorry I won't talk with you for a whole week, I can't wait to talk with you when I get back :). Love you guys, especially you Ann and Jacob, mwah *blows kisses to you*!

In TD related news, does anyone know when Revenge of the Island's gonna air on CN? Normally they play it up a month or so before it airs and I haven't seen any mention of it yet.

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