Alright, time for a touchy subject: art theft. First off, I know most of us are artist, both in the drawing and writing sense, and some might get really mad when someone takes your art and either reposts it and/or messes with it in some way. Now.... raise your hand; who's been called, or consider(ed) yourself, an art theif at one point of your life? *raises hand* come on, I can't be the only one! *cricket chirps* >.< Don't be shy, it's honesty time!

Well, I guess it's story time from my life again. Some of you might be surprised that I basically just admitted to art theft because I'm such a goody goody. well, when I was on a few years ago, I posted some pictures on one now long dead forum that I had on my computer for a while to show to my friends. Later they showed me some awesome Danny Phantom pictures (the forum was a DP one, although I posted some Zim pictures, too) from deviantART and I later posted those pictures. These pictures were obviously not ours (and the artist had a watermark on the pictures saying not to repost 'em anywhere) so it was wrong to do this.

Before you start thinking me and my friends were dirty art thieves, I must say that none of us took credit for the pictures or did anything to them, we just wanted to show-off awesome art. I stopped doing this (for the most part...) after that DP artist got rid of most of her art for the show because... well, art theft kept happening. Thinking I was part of this, I felt guilty and never wanted to post pictures up without permission from the artist.

However, I made edits of pictures without the artists permission but asked for them if I could post them online. Only one instant was there someone who didn't want the picture up and I respected their wishes and didn't post it up and eventually deleted it from my computer. I no longer do edits because my stupid computer sucks... One example of the edits is on my page here, just a simple black and white edit (Some others were techni-colored).

Although I post pictures here without permission from the artist, I have the courtesy to have the artist's name in the file name.

I'm sorry for going into a life story, I just like to blab on and on... Anyway, this topic came up while talking to TD artist ES9 on DeviantArt a few minutes ago. She complained to me that this wiki is full of art theives that re-post and re-color others pictures without permission. So can I ask you guys this: Can you please stop art thieving, it's getting this wiki a bad rap from some really talented artists.

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