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  • Lil-mizz-krazie

    Just Had to Drop In

    November 8, 2011 by Lil-mizz-krazie

    I may be grounded but I just decided to pop in. Upon doing that, I saw this:

    Why doesn't this surprise me? I heard people say it would come out September but I knew that wasn't happening because Cartoon Network would be having a broadcasting bonanza of it. I was about to think that maybe CN has stopped producing TD but that couldn't happen (Ok, maybe it could...). honestly, I'm happy they won't be doing this. Seeing how everyone was pissed at World Tour's finale or WT in general, I really don't want them to screw up more or replace the characters we've grown fond of (For the most part). Maybe we should let it quit before it gets worse.

    Update: Apparently it's a fake or something, according to those on the talkpage. I don't know, nor do I rea…

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  • Lil-mizz-krazie

    Like the title says, I'm not going to be here for a week. Starting at 3 today, I'm going camping! I'm going to Sunset Lake, a Christian camp. I've been to this place before three years ago and it was very fun (Although I'd rather be at Creation Fest seeing Relient K and Skillet again but my sis can't take me 'cause she's somewhere else and I can't drive so.... camping it is :D). So, to those that talk and role-play with me on chat, I'm sorry I won't talk with you for a whole week, I can't wait to talk with you when I get back :). Love you guys, especially you Ann and Jacob, mwah *blows kisses to you*!

    In TD related news, does anyone know when Revenge of the Island's gonna air on CN? Normally they play it up a month or so before it airs and …

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  • Lil-mizz-krazie

    I decided to re-watch Action today and I have to ask: What's with all the hate? It's an ok season, nothing's really bad with it. The only thing I didn't like was Geoff's egotism in the Aftermath's. I didn't get to when Courtney re-entered the competition but I will tomorrow and will probably be annoyed by her whining and abuse to Duncan's nether regions... Erm, anyway, it's not any worse than World Tour (Admit it, something went terribly wrong that season) and doesn't deserve to be looked down upon. Also, I really do find Justin an ok antagonist, he wasn't half bad.

    Edit: I ended up watching all of TDA last night and it still wasn't bad (Although I agree with the comments on youtube for Get a Clue, Courtney was worse than Veruca of Willy Wonk…

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  • Lil-mizz-krazie

    "When I'm growing up so fast, I'm gonna make the good times last!"

    Yes, I'm 16 today, whooo!!! I didn't really want to bother you guys with this news because I'm pretty sure everyone doesn't care/is busy but I decided to anyway. I didn't do much today, just went to the mall and got a GBA Danny Phantom game and Sonic Colors for the Wii and got some Panda Express (Noms!). I was looking for a DP or Duncan skull shirt at Hot Topic earlier but there wasn't anything there that interested me :(. For my birthday, fellow TD wiki-er and DeviantArtist PKMNAdventurer made me a Danny picture, which you can see here: . That was so sweet of him considering he didn't have to do anything.

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  • Lil-mizz-krazie

    This is a little story I made after looking at a picture by Giusy on DA (Both parts are on that picture). I know how much she likes DxC so I tried not to make it a Gwuncan fic. Part one made her a little sad so I made the second part (Which I was going to do anyway). Sorry if Duncan might be a little out of character in the second part, you get it how I see him (Kind of...). I am copy and pasting from what I wrote on DA because I'm lazy. BTW, I apologized for the language at the ending of part one, it's bleeped out, though. I must say I don't swear ever because it gets me in trouble so I only used it to create drama (it works, I think)

    Courtney: D-Duncan? Ha-have you ever.... loved me?

    Duncan: Of course, babe!

    Courtney: No, I mean love love.

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