This is a new blog series where I look what would happen if a character never existed. Fort the first blog we will begin with Heather followed by Duncan.

Not so Happy Campers Pt-2

Nothing can stop Zeke from saying good bye to his fellow campers. Nothing else.

The Big Sleep

First big change. No alliance by Heather . But nothing will stop Gwen from winning. Eva will not rage and that means some one else from the Killer Bass. That person will probably be Duncan for getting blamed as the last to fall asleep and therefore costed his team the win.​


No Duncan means annihilated Killer Bass which means Harold wil probably be eliminated as he hasn't made the best image of himself so far.

Not Quite Famous

No Harold = Loss of another Killer Bass member. And we  know this person is Bridgette for puking and breaking Courtney's violin.

The Sucky Outdoors

(Using Art's TD Elimination Analysis from now) There will be a tie in the votes with Katie and Tyler and in a revote (SURVIVOR STYLE) Tyler will probably be voted off.

Phobia Factor

With like half the Killer Bass being eliminated they obviously won't get more points. All votes for Tyler will go into the void and with Courtney being the only other person to fail she would obviously get the boot.

Up The Creek

Whichever team loses the RCMP will still show up eliminating Izzy.

Paintball Deer Hunter

Yay. No Heather means she won't tell Beth about getting chips which means Cody won't take the chips which result in him getting mauled by the bear. I'm going to assume the Screaming Gophers will lose because of the TIKI IDOL. Leshawna,Cody,Beth,Trent,Gwen and Justin have no reason to go. Noah,Owen and Lindsay might be going home but I think Noah's sarcasam will get him the Boat of Losers Ticket.

If You Can't Take The Heat

Beth's curse would be called out by Chris meaning she would still be voted off

Who Can You Trust

Sadie won't hit Courtney but DJ will cheat causing a loss for ze Killer Bass and yeah without a doubt DJ leaves the show.

Basic Straining

Killer Bass will perform horribile but Either Katie or Sadie will go home (I presume) but due to THE SUCKY OUTDOORS Katie will probably go home.

X-Treme Torture

Yikes let's assume that the Killer Bass win(so we can save SADIE!!!!!) which means Justin who has'nt made the biggest moves yet will (probably) be targeted.

No Pain No Game

According to me Izzy will still rejoin and due to Epic I will let Duncan rejoin and Bridgette. This is for 2 reasons 1. To keep the gender ratios even and 2. Blame not me. Anyway let us begin Leshawna will win still but who will go home. Pleas do not come banging at my door with a gun and a knife but Sadie has NOT made any interactions that can make her safe. So say Adios to MBBFF(More Better Best Friend Forever)



23. Duncan
22. Harold
21. Bridgette
20. Tyler
19. Courtney
18. Izzy
17 Noah
16. Beth
15. Eva
14. Katie
13. Sadie

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