• No Lindsay was not worried at the elimination at all!


  • Cue dramatic lightning.


  • How can Duncan jump so easily without getting injured?


  • What did Leshawna bang her head on


  • Gwen,you should pee in Owen's jar. It might help you win with him masking his scent.

SIN 6-7

  • Beth if you were lotioning Heather I'm certain it would take more than 3 minutes to complete it.


  • How the hell can a baked bean tin be captured on the camera so clearly as it was flying.


  • Trent becomes the Ultimate Baseball Pro.

SIN 10

  • How the hell can a 16 year old be knocked to the floor so easily?

SIN 11/12

  • How can Owen recover so easily?
  • Alert Chef Owen raided your kitchen to get a spoon!

SIN 13

  • How can a paintball gun take down a 16 year old?

SIN 14/15/16

  • Baked beans don't create mud-like stains.
  • How did Owen eat them so quickly?
  • How did no-one notice him until he burped?

SIN 17

  • Bass hunters catch the same way

SIN 18

  • Now the Gopher hunters catch the same way. Talk about team synchronization

SIN 19

  • Chris gets the goggles and hats out  and wears them while facing the campers

SIN 20/21

  • How did Chris get the chest open and take out everything while facing the campers
  • When did he get a chance to put the tail on.

SIN 22

  • DJ now evolves to deer form!

SIN 23

  • Apparently foreshadowing Cody's injury and minorly foreshadowing the eliminated contestant.

SIN 24

  • Bridgette was clearly not listening to Chris.

SIN 25/26

  • If the pee fell out how did it magically refill?
  • The pee stayed in the jar until it hit the floor

Sin 27

  • Unlike Lindsay, Heather did not go to biology class. The hunter bosses the deer not vice versa.

SIN 28/29/30/31/32 8:19-8:30-8:32

  • Apparently Owen is a David Attenborough fan and so speaks like him
  • Owen is not a cat therefore his eyes should not glow
  • DJ only heard Owen when he farted not when he was talking.
  • So close yet so far

SIN 33

  • Did Chef not notice Beth when he was right next to her?

SIN 34

  • Why did DJ bound down and then up? Wasn't it easier to go forward,turn and then go up

SIN 35

  • Beth loves to play hide and seek as demonstrated here.

SIN 36

  • Chef is partially deaf and partially blind as he fails to see Beth or hear her idol.

SIN 37

  • When did the packet of chips get open?

SIN 38

  • Deer Bounding:The Hottest New Reality TV Show.

SIN 39

  • DJ can jump over a rock with 4 limbs but Owen with 2 can't!

SIN 40

  • Can you stand in Cody's pose for 5 seconds?

SIN 41

  • Why do Harold and Bridgette have orange paint?

SIN 42

  • DJ evolves back to human form!

SIN 43

  • How can DJ push Owen of a cliff ? Owen is sooooo heavy.

SIN 44

  • The packet now filled up again with chips.

SIN 45

  • The water should have absorbed with water but it didn't.

SIN 46

  • Editing.

SIN 47

  • A HUNTER ,Leshawna.

SIN 48

  • This is from Leshawna's perspective which in theory is impossible to film.

SIN 49

  • Heather gets knocked down by paint.

SIN 50

  • Owen, where did you get ammo from. Oh and those glasses.

SIN 51

  • SIN 23 2.0.

SIN 52/53

  • Cody apparently failed to see a bear behind him until it roared.
  • Even bears aren't that strong that they can blow off a human's clothes.

SIN 54

  • That spray paint is doing nothing.

SIN 55

  • How can Duncan make a confessionnial after the challenge?

SIN 56-66

  • Is it me or when couples get together one always gets eliminated in the same episode they are an official couple. Then their kiss gets interuptted by Chris or being eliminated in the ELIMINATION DEVICE.So 10 sins for thismissed opportunity

SIN 67

  • Gee, Bridgette and Harold must have got different canisters of paintballs now cause they are using blue paint.

SIN 68-69

  • You are so right Gwen, this is too much.
  • Foreshadowing of the finalists as they speak consecutively about the same topic.

SIN 70

  • Later it can fit more than 1.

SIN 71

  • Yet at Justin's elimination ceremony you said nothing.

SIN 72

  • Trent should play baseball. He's really good at catching.

SIN 73

  • Apparently this was supposed to be a reward challenge as proven by the 7 extra marshmallows on the plate to be given to the Killer Bass.

SIN 74

  • Cody suddenly gets bandages on his mouth convinently not telling Beth about the cursed idol.

SIN 75/76/77/78/79

  • Beth can't hear Cody.
  • Beth can't hear the splash made by Cody.
  • Where is the Boat of Losers?
  • Cody should have drowned as there was no-one to save him.
  • Beth is now a jerk to Cody because he knew he would become friends with Heather in TDWT.



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