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  • Lifeishard

    Chris: Welcome everyone to Wawnakwa which we somehow managed to resurface. I have have 16 new campers who all want a shot at $1000000 dollars.

    Boat arrives.

    Chris: And it seems they have just arrived.

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  • Lifeishard
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  • Lifeishard

    SIN 1

    That's just creepy

    SIN 2

    That was nothing close to what Lindsay did to you.

    SIN 3

    The Frisbee wouldn't rebind after hitting someone's head.

    SIN 4/5

    The campers were not shown eating breakfast.

    Why did no-one even talk about it

    SIN 6

    From best bike to racing

    SIN 7

    Lindsay should have fallen over

    SIN 8

    But what if it's an auto elimination

    SIN 9-18

    Since I believe for animals here is 10 sins for you Owen

    SIN 19


    SIN 20

    What about Izzy?

    SIN 21

    Where did DJ get that armor from?

    SIN 22

    Later it has no pedals.

    SIN 23

    Where did she get the head from?

    SIN 24

    Simple. Crash the bike you're riding on

    SIN 25-26

    For not dying and not stopping in the water.

    SIN 27-29

    1. Owen creates a massive pile of sand

    2. He goes around the entire island without crashing  …

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  • Lifeishard

    SIN 1

    • No Lindsay was not worried at the elimination at all!

    SIN 2

    • Cue dramatic lightning.

    SIN 3

    • How can Duncan jump so easily without getting injured?

    SIN 4

    • What did Leshawna bang her head on

    SIN 5

    • Gwen,you should pee in Owen's jar. It might help you win with him masking his scent.

    SIN 6-7

    • Beth if you were lotioning Heather I'm certain it would take more than 3 minutes to complete it.

    SIN 8

    • How the hell can a baked bean tin be captured on the camera so clearly as it was flying.

    SIN 9

    • Trent becomes the Ultimate Baseball Pro.

    SIN 10

    • How the hell can a 16 year old be knocked to the floor so easily?

    SIN 11/12

    • How can Owen recover so easily?
    • Alert Chef Owen raided your kitchen to get a spoon!

    SIN 13

    • How can a paintball gun take dow…

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  • Lifeishard

    This is a new blog series where I look what would happen if a character never existed. For the first blog, we will begin with Heather followed by Duncan.

    Nothing can stop Zeke from saying goodbye to his fellow campers. Nothing else.

    First big change. No alliance by Heather. But nothing will stop Gwen from winning. Eva will not rage and that means someone else from the Killer Bass. That person will probably be Duncan for getting blamed as the last to fall asleep and therefore costed his team the win.

    No Duncan means annihilated Killer Bass which means Harold will probably be eliminated as he hasn't made the best image of himself so far.

    No Harold = Loss of another Killer Bass member. And we know this person is Bridgette for puking and breaking …

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