So we've all been waiting for season four, Total Drama Revenge of the Island, to start airing for over a year. With the season airing in Canada in just two days, I'm looking forward to seeing who will win and who will be eliminated! In anticipation of the season, I've cooked up my own little predictions on eliminations, couples, and otherwise.

Now let me be clear: this is not spoilers, it is just my views on what I think should happen.


The challenges that we've all seen in the trailer seem to look interesting. Here are the possible challenges that I think we can gather from it:

  • Climbing up a rather large cliff with Chris throwing objects down at you. :)
  • A snow version of Capture the Flag. :)
  • A race through the woods.
  • Spending a night out in the radioactive forest.

I hope I'm right on the ones that I have put a smiley face next to because those seem like the most awesome challenges Total Drama has ever made.


With only 13 episodes, I'm guessing that there is an elimination every episode, and that one contestant returns halfway through at the merge.

The teams are as followed:

Toxic Rats: Dakota, Staci, Lightning, Dawn, B, Sam, Scott

Mutant Maggots: Jo, Ann Maria, Brick, Zoey, Mike, Cameron

13th - Staci

12th - Dakota

11th - Sam

10th - Ann Maria

9th - Cameron

8th - Brick

7th - Jo

6th - Lightning

(Merge - Dakota Returns)

5th - Mike and Zoey

4th - Scott

3rd - B

2nd - Dakota

1st - Dawn


  • Zoey/Mike: This one is pretty obvious, as seeing the trailer and how these two act around each other. But on what Todd Kauffman said about Ann Maria playing a third wheel, I'm not sure how this will play out.
  • Dakota/Scott: The Alejandro/Heather of Total Drama Revenge of the Island! The two seem perfect together, and will probably scheme together during the season.
  • B/Dawn: If these two don't get together, then I'm guessing they will be friends. Even though B doesn't talk, I have a feeling that Dawn will be doing all the talking!


Overall, this looks like a pretty good season and I am really looking forward to seeing them on Youtube, or somewhere else! Anywho, two more days until it premieres!

Along with the rest of the wiki, I'll be waiting!


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