Im back and this time for part two. So the merge has just began with these contestants still left in the game

Cody, seirra, heather, Al, Courtney, Owen, Trent, Gwen

Elimination 12-13

Return to game: izzy, Duncan

Eliminated: Owen, Duncan

Bottom three: Owen, Duncan, Gwen

Reason: in Niagara Falls the challange is the same and couples are: Owen and izzy, Gwen and Trent, Courtney and Duncan, izzy and Cody, Al and heather. Al has the same campaign to get rid of Owen and Trent convinces Gwen to boot Duncan for what he did to Gwen and Trent last season. (he was the one who but the idea in Gwen's head about the nine thing) Gwen convinced Courtney because of their friendship. Leaving them both tied and both gone.

Elimination 14-15

Eliminated Courtney and Gwen

Reason at the end of the episode in Niagara we find out that Gwen shared a little kiss with Duncan in Egypt. Courtney and Trent are ticked off. Before china the cast went to italy. Gwen tried to make it better with Trent and Courtney. Gwen's about to get eliminated but Chris made it a fake. In china Gwen comes around with Trent and they kiss and become a couple. Gwen and Courtney end up getting tied and before they jump out the plain they hug and jump out holding hands as friends.

Elimination 16

Eliminated- Sierra

Bottom two- heather and Sierra

Reason- Al makes deal with Cody to get rid of Sierra so Cody can be an alliance with Al. Trent convinces seirra to vote heather. Heather votes seirra. izzy win immunity due to sharp shooting and votes for chef.

Elimination 17

Eliminated- Cody

Bottom two. Heather and Cody

Reason- Al convinces Cody to turn on heather because she was goanna make everyone vote for him. Heather finds out. She gets mad at al, al says to vote Cody then. Trent votes al, izzy votes for Cody al votes Cody as long as he gets to say who to vote for next. Heather votes Cody and Cody votes heather. Izzy wins immunity. Cody gets the boot.

Elimination 18

Eliminated- izzy

Reason- al says to vote for Trent and after the deal with heather he expects heather to vote for Trent two. But when it's chefs birthday, izzy's does the same thing Sierra did and blows up the plane. heather and Trent agreed to vote for Al so did izzy and al voted for Trent. Al finds out and get angry at heather.


Eliminated heather

Bottom two: Al and heather

Reason: in a race to Hawaii contestants get to pick one helper to help them to make it to the finish line. Trent picks Gwen Al picks Courtney and heather takes a while to pick but ends up picking Noah for his brains. Courtney finds out everything he had done and how he persuaded her and she flipped out and delayed him. Noah derived heather insane and Trent and Gwen worked perfectly together. Heather and al tied, Trent won, and the same things happened on top of the platform as the volcano but before they kiss Al say " if only their was someone who loved you and knocks her of the platoon.

Final episode

Winner: Trent

Reason. Al verse Trent made for a battle where the pain of tdi came back And heathers lack of fans set her back. Al in the lead at the volcano when Trent says " why" "why did you try elimanate me in every episode why did u eliminate me, why" Al replies" look I'm not sorry and I'm not about to loose now. I'm winning this game. Bridgette then says" why did u leave me stuck to a pole" Lewshawna then says" why did u pretend u loved me. Everyone al ever hurt fights back. And al gets tacking down by all of them, and Trent pushes al down the volcano, Trent wins and kissed Gwen and actually wins the money.

Their u go Trent wins and maybe I will make an all stars with Trent in it

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