I have been really inactive. It's been over one month ever since my last mainspace edit. I am not going to edit again so early, so I thought it would be better to tell everyone. Please, don't feel offended. It's not that I am not satisfacted with the community; it's just that I am working on another wiki (that one with the link in my page) and I will probably pay most of my attention to that wiki for a few weeks. That's not permanent, but as I don't want to be gone without explanations, I am writing this now. Don't mind commenting or voting; this is not the kind of blog that someone writes to get commentaries and I'm not trying to get attention. I will be back after time goes by a month, so don't miss me. I actually didn't deserve to be missed... Please, remove my name from votings, mainly the FU voting. I will be back. Someday, I will... Last thing I want to say is that you guys are awesome and I will really miss my friends in this period. If it turns out to be permanent, I'll tell you. But that's not permanent yet. So, I just want to say "bye", but I think it's better to say "see ya".

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