No please not this please no, this episode has the biggest fault in all the episodes, it can't be not again the-the-the INCONVENIENT SCORES!!!!

It's a huge flaw I didn't know what was happening thanks to those damn dirty score boards. Ok anyway back to one of my less favourite episode it just becomes boring. 

Ok so they all wake up at...7:00am seems like a realisable time for teens but you'd think they sleep in until 5:00pm (not that I' saying that's a bad thing). It's an intense race with Freakzilla (Tyler) failing. Owen drank from the lake but it was filled with poison Owen would then get Super Cancer and his final words were "Tell Mr. Coconut I love him" DAMN IT WHY CAN'T I NOT GO ONE SENTENCE ABOUT OWEN WITHOUT MAKING A DEPRESSING

Noah fakes dying so Owen would cry him (that sounds so wrong) and they think they won ( There's a huge feast and everyone almost cry's (

Chris then announces this was all a genius way to make them sleepy (or as I call it filler). Owen's the first one to go and many other's follow. We do get one of the most important parts of the season this episode Heather, Lindsay and Beth form an alliance (I like to call it the Pinkies and the Brain). And Tyler is about to fall asleep when A BEAR KILLS KATIE AND SADIE YES THANK YOU GOD HAPPY DAYS ( and Tyler gives a hell of a reaction but what's this they're.....alive ( NOPE I'M NOT DOING THIS I QUIT.

(We are sorry for Total Drama Review Guy's outburst we have found a replacement host Dirty Leo)

Dirty Leo: Oh hi everybody I was paid 5 bucks to do this you see I am homeless and I need beer so please go into you're mummy and daddy's wallets and steal at least 20 bucks 

Total Drama Review Guy (Me): That was my plan I wanted to buy more memes

Dirty Leo: Please children

TDRG: I'm locked and loaded

  • Shots Dirty Leo dead* 

TDRG: He had it coming

Anyway back to the review Cody sleeps on Owen's ass (poor Cody first Owen farts in his face then Noah kisses him). Chef is in a dress because why not. This episode at least gave good development to Gwen and Trent. Owen goes on a naked hike and more filler. 

I love this part so Justin painted his eyes closed ( Watch it all it's weird) so Chris busts him and he is cheated out of winning HOW DARE YOU CHRIS YOU'RE NO STRANGER TO LYING YOU LIED IF THE SHOW WAS LIVE.

Owen has his own gravity and can climb up a waterfall (Don't ask why or how) and we're down to 5 when oh no THE HISTORY OF CANADA (I always wanted to go there so this is education). You know Duncan is such a rebel he pee'd out a moving train. Gwen is the OFFICIAL winner which means the Gophers are going to tribal I mean the elimination ceremony. 

Earlier in the episode Heather stole Eva's MP3 and Eva is going into BEAST MODE SHE'S DESTROYING BOATS, CARS, PAPER, MONEY, MOSS COVERED LOGS!!! So in a predictable elimination Eva is eliminated and HA I KNEW IT Geoff doesn't put glue in his hat until later on because he says he has many hats how does he get them off if they are glued on and how can Big Foot can move it around on his head HA explain that.

In my top 5 worst TDI episodes for sure I give it about 5/10 

Positives: Trent and Gwen

Alliance formed



Katie and Sadie troll

Just plain boring and confusing 

(Note: Sorry this was late I was out but I'll give you a funny video   

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