I promise nicknames so let's do that first:

Owen: The Depressing Story Teller

Gwen: Hulk Gwen

Heather: Sunglasses B#tch

Duncan: The Rebel Duncan

LeShawna: LeEminem

Geoff: Glue lover

Izzy: Crazy Chick (My Ex-Girlfriend)

DJ: Ingrate

Lindsay: Iggy Azalea (Plus personality)

Bridgette: Ted Bundy

Trent: Jacques

Eva: Nailz

Harold: The Original Boy

Courtney: D-Railed

Sadie: KILL ME #1

Beth: The Meh One

Cody: Stalker (Soon to be Stalkie)

Tyler: The Genetic Freak and and bonus on FreakZilla

Katie: KILL ME #2

Justin: Prince Pretty or the HeartBreak Kid or The King of Cuteville

Noah: The sarcastic One

Ezekiel: The Zekey One or Zekeyness


Chris: LIAR

Anyway back to the review we begin with a recap and then the intro I always have a problem with these intros you know what the relationships are from 1 second in I know some people like it like that but kind of SPOILER ALERT. Ahhh back in the days were the sharks were new and the challenges were intense ha good times I'm looking at you All Stars. I hate the areas so are shark like scared of....circles? Or something like that and only 1 person doesn't make it in the clear area WHAT IS THE PURPOSE.

All the interns are already dead wow only took 2 episodes. Chef can walk on water you know what that means CHEF IS JESUS he is not God cause my total drama god comes later in the series can you guess who it is?

(In sport commentator voice) Bridgette is on the podium first, oh a good dismount, she has a good position and a flawless splash what do the judges have to say 10, 10 and 9.8 and what's this her swim suite flew off the third judge changes his vote it's a perfect 30! By good what an event folks.

Tyler should of died from the fall onto a water thingy true but HE'S A GENETIC FREAK AND HIS GOT A 141 AND TWO THIRDS CHANCE OF SURVIVAL AS FOR THE OTHER TEAM THEY GOT A 8 AND ONE THIRD CHANCE OF WINNING AT BEST! Geoff jumps and I know his hat is glued on but still the Glue Sniffer's hat has superpowers HATMAN HATMAN HATMAN!!!

Eva jumps boring but, what this a rebel is here folks and NO REACTION he is such at rebel he doesn't even scream when he's falling 1000 feet and you know Duncan is such a rebel they say under his mohawk is another fist that flips you off.

DJ won't jump but an ingrate I mean he should face his fears they're giving him a chance but nope ingrate. This next part is one of my favourite scenes in Total Drama Chris goes to comfort him and DJ is saying how he got his fear Chris then goes on to say and I quote "That's ok Big Guy unfortunately that's also makes you a chick" I just love how ticked Chris sounds and how he lashes into the ingrate I don't know why I just love this scene (A review on me says why he loves a moment then say doesn't know why he loves it LOGIC)

WHERE WAS THE ESCALATOR BEFORE!!! Courtney has L-L-L-LAWYERS did you know Courtney is actually a CIT in Training. DAMN YOU IZZY if you just stayed on your team Katie would of died. I HATE YOU KATIE AND SADIE!!!

Heather and LeShawna are having an argument I kind of think LeShawna is secretly Eminem. (Rap God Parody: Sassy Girl) I'm beginning to feel like I'm a sassy girl, sassy girl all the people from the front what a taste of me, so who thinks their insults are good enough to hurt me, hurt me, they say I rap like a teleporter so call me LeShawna, Shawna but for me to rap like a teleporter must be in the genes got a teleporter in my back pocket. Oops that got off track anyway Prince Pretty Justin looks at himself in a mirror (next episode I swear I'm making a song for Justin) LeEminem throws Heather off the cliff.

The most super good looking piece of gorgeous is saved by the sharks (Give those Sharks a coke). Beth is insulted by Heather I beat she will shake if off (I hate my little cousin makes me listen to Taylor Swift). Ice Skating Fan Trent then jumps and then oh I wonder if Owen will jump not like they showed it IN THE LAST EPISODE.

Owen jumped and we get more filler. And what's pop is it Canadian soda or something. Eva can carry boxes but pushes them anyway what a bad team mate. Ha Katie and Sadie sat on poison ivy that's what they get for messing with the rules of the game.

Tongue burns aren't a joking matter you know at least 45 people die of tongue burns each year how sad. Heather and LeEminem make up and Lose Yourself move over LeShawna is going to top the charts with Lose My Earrings (Trademark).

Of course the Gophers go to elimination cause Bass have TEAMWORK do it together, teamwork friends forever. (I loved that show when I was younger skip to 0:20 and I don't know how I remember this song or show).

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO why Zekey my boy don't be sexist you know in this day and age it's a death wish I remember I was a bit sexist once and I still have the scars from when that lady attacked me. Ah this is another reason I hate Katie and Sadie suddenly they're bitter and also THEY GOT MY BOY ZEKE OUT I just realised if Katie and Sadie never voted for Zeke that means Zeke could of won and that also means he might of not gone insane thanks a lot Katie and Sadie.

The Rebel Duncan gives Zeke advice about the real world you know Duncan is such a rebel he gave the Godfather a negative review. Anyway we all knew Zeke was going and it just brings a tear to my eye to see the first stop on the road to insanity for my boy Zekey and his Zekeyness.

This episode wasn't as good as episode one it was slow and could get a little boring so for my final score


Good Things: Character Development

Good Challenge

Owen being Owen

Negatives: Slow

Too Predictable

Zeke's Eliminated

Next Episode will involve: Poochy References, LeEminem's Lose my Earrings, Justin song, Katie and Sadie hate and another depressing Owen story thanks everyone

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