I love dodge ball this is the motto I always follow So very wise. 

Anyway I felt I could improve in some areas about not making jokes so my goal is to not make a joke for this review.

We get a recap that is HARDLY amusing I would say the recap is quite slow HA HA HA HA. Duncan is sleeping and oh no...HAVE TO RESIST DUNCAN IS SUCH A REBEL JOKE NO, NO, NOOOO!!! Duncan is such a rebel he really does sleep with the fishes. Damn it just like my goal of not snapping my brother's head failed so has this well I am Nicholas Von Baron the Fifth and this is my review I SHALL MAKE SO MANY JOKES YOU WILL NEVER LAUGH AGAIN (To the person who said I should be more serious I am not making fun of you and I do like that you did at least give me a few tips :P)My boy Harold is sadly laughed upon even though his fake moustache well I think it is fabulous. Gwen is cheered into the arena and Heather makes Courtney throw food at Gwen well to be fair you shouldn't start food fights they are rude and they caused my mother to die in the great Food War of '98 100 entered only 4 escaped my mother escaped but died from food cancer 6 months later. Yeah tell her Harold it's called a medical condition GOSH. God they just referenced Fight Club an R rated in this episode too edgy for me I'm going to live with the unicorns.

Damn it Wonder Corn has gone wild and is stabbing people better go on with the review to make me feel better. DAMN IT the real villains of this seasons are the score boards and this game of dodgeball is so confusing I mean it's like do you really have to blow your whistle every 5 second Chef!

Harold fails at throwing his ball (that sounds wrong) and LeEminem gets him out

Lost my earrings (Parody of Lose Yourself) By LeEminem: Her ears are hurting, haads searching, there's traces of gold paint on her sweater already, dad's pasta. She's almost crying but on the surface even more sweaty, but she keeps forgetting where she put them down, the whole room looks long, she opens the draws but the earring won't come out, her hands shaking, she's even crying now, the sun's gone down, almost time to go to bed, snap to searching, oops there goes the sofa cushions, oops there goes the lamps. 

That's what I have so far but I swear by the end of the TDI reviews I'll have finished Lost her earrings. Anyway Lindsay becomes the Elephant lady "I am not an animal I am a man! or in this case woman!" (Fun Fact about this review I only knew that quote from my brother and I was going to put that scene in a link but I typed in Elephant Man and I saw one picture and my stomach dropped and I almost ran away but I deleted the tab and was breathing really heavy damn it now I feel bad I want to watch that movie but my fear will always get the best of me I respect the hell out of the Elephant Man what that man suffered through I am happy he's pain was over but I think we deserved so much better in life I recently read a book and there was this really sad part talking about heroes and monsters of history and it was talking about the Elephant Man and this hunter who killed slaves and they're was this drawing of both and under John who was the Elephant Man it said monster but that was crossed out and it was re written as hero I almost cried then DAMN IT I GOT EMOTIONAL)  Gwen is knocked out thanks to the ingrate known as DJ thanks a lot DJ. 

Cody's ball stalks DJ and Katie and does another ultimate walk. Big Poppa Pump (Tyler) fails sadly at this challenge but he hit Sadie that's a huge plus in my book good job my boy. DAMN IT YOU HIT THE ELEPHANT WOMAN YOU RACIST. Owen goes on a killing spree with the dodgeball and is arrested but he frames an innocent man who is 17 and the man or more or less boy gets the chair and on Owen's death bed confesses his crime and dies (DAMN YOU DEPRESSING STORY).


Harold is rejected as fast as Simon Cowell dissing a 7 year old singing "Let it Go". They wake up the Rebel Duncan with a stick you know when Duncan was younger he ONLY played with sticks and stones and he also beat up Words. They somehow become the Comeback Kings and also somehow Heather breaks a boat over Tyler and Tyler replies with a simple "ouch" I'm starting to think Tyler can't feel pain.

Noah is actually being a good team mate warning them he is not good at sports good job Noah. I love how Lindsay is just talking to her hands I mean I knew she was self harming being wanting to be dropped on her head and all but now she's going insane.

It's the final round and also can someone send this sample to the lab AND SEE WHAT YOU'RE MADE OFF (That maybe my favourite TD quote ever). Cody sacrifices his boys for Gwen and yet she falls in love with Trent and Duncan. I just want to say this Cody was nothing but nice to you Gwen and yet you go for Duncan the biggest loser and bully on the Island I thought you were a good person for shame Gwen, for shame.

MATRIX STYLE! My boy Harold is now on number 3 on my favourite boys list 2nd is Zeke number 1 will be announced in good time but can you guess who is my favourite boy guess in the comments below.

Since when was there time outs. I knew Owen was trying to kill Harold anyway Harold is the ultimate underdog and over comes the odds and wins HELLS YEAH.

Poor Noah is eliminated even though we was just helping the team DAMN IT.

And so ends a day of wretch dodging and Elephant Man discussing next time I'm reviewing one of my favourite episodes even if it does have a sad elimination but I do give this episode a 7.5/10 Wretches 


I love Dodgeball

Tyler and Lindsay

Tyler's constant failing


Noah's elimination  Score Board

Duncan being Over Powered and godly this episode

And remember

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