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    Sorry for the delay I've been going on a Coach marathon on Survivor for my Reddit posts "Coach Quotes" Anyway to all my fan (hopefully s) I will be doing a new review in a bout 3 days or so maybe sooner anyway I leave you this:

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    I love dodge ball this is the motto I always follow So very wise. 

    Anyway I felt I could improve in some areas about not making jokes so my goal is to not make a joke for this review.

    We get a recap that is HARDLY amusing I would say the recap is quite slow HA HA HA HA. Duncan is sleeping and oh no...HAVE TO RESIST DUNCAN IS SUCH A REBEL JOKE NO, NO, NOOOO!!! Duncan is such a rebel he really does sleep with the fishes. Damn it just like my goal of not snapping my brother's head failed so has this well I am Nicholas Von Baron the Fifth and this is my review I SHALL MAKE SO MANY JOKES YOU WILL NEVER LAUGH AGAIN (To the person who said I should be more seri…

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    No please not this please no, this episode has the biggest fault in all the episodes, it can't be not again the-the-the INCONVENIENT SCORES!!!!

    It's a huge flaw I didn't know what was happening thanks to those damn dirty score boards. Ok anyway back to one of my less favourite episode it just becomes boring. 

    Ok so they all wake up at...7:00am seems like a realisable time for teens but you'd think they sleep in until 5:00pm (not that I' saying that's a bad thing). It's an intense race with Freakzilla (Tyler) failing. Owen drank from the lake but it was filled with poison Owen would then get Super Cancer and his final words were "Tell Mr. Coconut I love him" DAMN IT WHY CAN'T I NOT GO ONE SENTENCE ABOUT OWEN WITHOUT MAKING A DEPRESSING

    Noah f…

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    I promise nicknames so let's do that first:

    Owen: The Depressing Story Teller

    Gwen: Hulk Gwen

    Heather: Sunglasses B#tch

    Duncan: The Rebel Duncan

    LeShawna: LeEminem

    Geoff: Glue lover

    Izzy: Crazy Chick (My Ex-Girlfriend)

    DJ: Ingrate

    Lindsay: Iggy Azalea (Plus personality)

    Bridgette: Ted Bundy

    Trent: Jacques

    Eva: Nailz

    Harold: The Original Boy

    Courtney: D-Railed

    Sadie: KILL ME #1

    Beth: The Meh One

    Cody: Stalker (Soon to be Stalkie)

    Tyler: The Genetic Freak and and bonus on FreakZilla

    Katie: KILL ME #2

    Justin: Prince Pretty or the HeartBreak Kid or The King of Cuteville

    Noah: The sarcastic One

    Ezekiel: The Zekey One or Zekeyness

    Chef: BADASS

    Chris: LIAR

    Anyway back to the review we begin with a recap and then the intro I always have a problem with these intros you kno…

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    Yes that's right it's time for the first review by the Total Drama Review Guy (I also go by Fact Master, The Banana Duck, TDRG, Leo, Leonardo, Leonardo Von Baron the Fifth) ok nicknames aside let's begin with this godly like review let's begin shall we. Prepare for lots of sarcasm (shout of to my boy Noah) and the use of the word boy a lot.

    So we begin with Chris saying the show is live (HOW DARE HE LIE TO THE THE GREAT NICHOLAS VON BARON THE FIFTH I SHALL STRIKE THEE) I don't know why but the first 2 episodes feel weird like it's hard to describe but it just feels off. Beth arrives and when I was younger and first watched this I was almost turned off by Beth I have come to terms she is just a meh character but this introduction got her ste…

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