• Lemamamn

    Now, I have heard many theories of who people think will be back. now here is my theory and it is most yesfinetly the correct one

    1. On the announcment video, he said "some" of you favourites from season '1' are returning. I have no idea why people are thinking 2nd and 3rd generation charachters are coming back cause we have gotton confirmation returnees will be from season 1.

    2. Some. This is a weird word to use. If it was full returnee you would say "your favourites are back" not some. to me this suggest a fans vs fav season. for you people who dont watch survivor, Fans vs Favs is a survivor twist were their is one tribe of favs(returnee players) and another tribe of fan(new players). personally I think this would not only be a likly rout …

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