8th Rodney: I've always been a fan of this one Not a huge one but even the slight few and I mean slight few who do like this character don't like him A LOT and really I don't care   But onto Rodney, He was funny for the four episodes he was there and gave me a good chuckle  Overall, he went above and beyond my exceptions for a fodder character...but that doesn't change his status as a fodder character, and he's a lovable goof ball. 

7th Amy: What a coincidence Amy is 7th on my 3rd gen and PI rans and is 7th here!  Anyways, I've never seen a character leave such an impact and last only three episodes! Honestly Amy is a bit of a b**** but there are much worse on the show like Courtney,Blainley,and Staci  unlike the un holy trinity, I find Amy funny and full of personality.

 6th Chris McLean: I can understand why majority despise this guy, but all of that is intentional and he's meant to be that way. Chris isn't as good as he used to be and I was kinda iffy on him in TDPI and I felt he went too far even for Chris standards. But yeah he is cool and there'd be no show without him. He was much better, funnier, and more entertaining in the first few seasons, even then I probably wouldn't like him much more, but still and he's a helluva lot better than that piss poor of host Don!

5th Dave: Dave isn't that bad. I don't like him quite as much as I used to, but he's still good. I like him because he reminds me of myself somewhat, I also enjoyed his early interactions and germaphobic and freak outs. I also felt bad for him about the events that happened later on  Hope he'll get good redemptions if we do see him again 

4th Topher: Like Dave I'm not as big of a fan as I used to be, but Love.Him. He used to be my favorite character of PI, but of course his Topher experience threw him off for me. I still like him mainly because he's relatable, he's hilarious and his narcisitic and exited personality was fun to watch. He was also one of the few realistic characters this season compared to the rest of the cast. 

3rd Duncan: For awhile I actually felt guilty about liking him But now? DON'T.CARE.  Duncan is awesome Love him in every season, except TDWT, NOT because of that love triangle thing! I said it once, I'll say it again, Courtney is too whiny to care about  But that's a rant for another day. Duncan being the second most appeared character should not be complained about as much as it is because he is always leaving his mark on the show 

2nd Justin: I'm honestly suprissed how immensely hated he is Admittedly about a year ago I liked him, but not all that much and found he could be a bit annoying at times...but now? LOVE.HIM. He's got a sick design a cool voice, and most impottantly he's got swag and loads of it! I mean the way he put out that bush in Not Quite famous and what he did in the talent contest and the way he dodges those gulls in Beach Blanket Bogus! SWAGALICOUS  and lastly I want those shades.

1st Cody: Simply the best ever As most of you know my favorite character, always has been and always will be Cody. In TDI he was my favorite character, while he may not of lasted too long while he was there he was awesome. In Dodgebrawl he showed some great skills when he got both DJ and Katie out. Though his best episode of the season was without a doubt was Up The Creek, the way he got Gwen with Trent was awesome. As for TDWT I also adored him here, his interactions with the final four were enjoyable and I loved him at the end. I also find him to be relatable, really want this guy back. Oh and more points for proving generic characters can have personality