Okay, there are 5 seasons left: Total Drama Island, Total Drama Action, Total Drama World Tour, Total Drama Revenge of the Island, Total Drama All-Stars and Total Drama Pahkitew Island, here's the deal:

  • Season 7: Total Drama Gonudie Island: Total Drama: Gonudie Island is a spin off series of the show Total Drama. Total Drama: Gonudie Island has been in pre-production for over 3 years at Crush TV Production and hopes to team up with Fresh TV to help make this series. Crush TV Production is putting all it's efforts into Total Drama: Gonudie Island and is working on Story structure and future seasons to help lengthen and add to the Total Drama Franchise.
    Total Drama: Gonudie Island takes place around Victoria BC on a old run down bootcamp called Camp Gonudie! Camp Gonudie, infested with some of the most dangerous wild life in Canada like, super intelligent raccoons, feral deer, mountain lions, bears and newly introduced to the wild! Piranhas! Who might have added them you ask? Well that would be Carter McQua the host of Total Drama: Gonudie Island! While Chris is busy over in Ontario Carter picks up the slack on the west coast giving you DOUBLE THE TOTAL DRAMA! But Carter isn't doing it alone, he's got the help of his old Boot Camp Owner and Army Sargent! Chief! Chief is ruthless and is maybe a little mentally damaged due to the war, but he's Carter's second half and the two work perfectly together to make Total Drama: Gonudie Island the most dramatic and nail biting season yet!
    Total Drama: Gonudie Island is 26 Episodes long and features 22 new cast members and 2 familiar faces will also be coming this season? Wondering who they are? It's a secret! Jesse Ilg would like Total Drama: Gonudie Island to be the 7th season of Total Drama after Total Drama: Pahkitew Island but that is yet to be discussed or talked about with Fresh TV.
  • Season 8: Total Drama All-Stars 2: Back to a full-fledged season, Chris has rebuilded Wawanakwa, with some of your favorite contestants, based on the first season of Total Drama (Shawn for Ezekiel, Jo for Eva, Dave for Noah, Topher for Justin, Amy and Samey for Katie and Sadie, Lightning for Tyler, Sky for Izzy, Cameron for Cody, Scarlett for Beth, Jasmine for Courtney, Leonard for Harold, Ella for Trent, Dawn for Bridgette, Dakota for Lindsay, Brick for DJ, Beardo for Geoff, Sugar for LeShawna, Scott for Duncan, Anne Maria for Heather, Zoey for Gwen and Staci for Owen)
  • Season 9: Total Drama Jungle (AKA Total Drama All-Stars 3): Taking place in a jungle, animal totems for the contestants.
  • Season 10: FINAL SEASON!: Total Drama Finale: In the tenth and final season, all 9 winners won all 9 seasons, and Owen, Duncan, Heather, Cameron, Zoey, Sky, ???, ??? and ??? will be picking each of their favorite teammates and best friends to compete with them. And Ezekiel is ready to blow a storm for the epic conclusion!

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