Hey hey hey it's Sunday and you know what that means! It means that I don't have work today! :D

So here are numbers 20-11:

20. Geoff

Geoff is here

The awesomely friendly party guy is at number 20 on the list. The reason why I think he's awesome is because he was never a clear threat. He only became one when they were down to the final 6 in TDI. He may have declined after his elimination in season two. But as an Aftermath host he has some major staying power if he choses to return.

19. DJ

He's a momma's boy, a bit of a crybaby and he'd much rather give you a high five than harm you. He's a big guy with a bigger heart he also knew when he was being taken advantage of. He will also fight back if he feels threatened or of he's backed into a corner.

18. Beth

You may not have loved her in TDI or TDA but every show needs that nerdy best friend character. Yep, Beth was that nerdy best friend character to Lindsay while they were in Heather's alliance. It would be kinda unfair to exclude her from this list since she's too likable to hate. She also was kinda unique and her rant about Heather (or was it Courtney) in TDWT was hurtful as it was hilarious.

17. Lindsay

Nobody can curse like Princess Lindsay and nobody delivers a final blow to Heather like Lindsay. She may forget your name or who you are but she means well and at least she notices you. Her dimness works to her advantage ecspecially when she got revenge on Heather in TDI. Who says dimwit blondes can't be sneaky and underhanded as well as pretty?

16. Bridgette

No list isn't complete without Bridgette, the tomboy soul surfer herself. She proves that looks aren't everything nor the only thing. She keeps in natural but still engages in girly stuff. Her elimination in TDI struck a nerve with some fans since it seemed to come out of nowhere.

15. Izzy

I kinda forgot if she's on my worst contestants list or not....but she deserves to be here anyway. She's crazy but fun, annoying but fun, too much fun....but fun you guys get the idea. She's a wild and crazy kid but she can also play the sane woman at times when things get serious....or she can ignore it and do what she wants.

14. Ezekiel

Like Izzy, I forgot if he was on my worst contestants list or not. He still deserves a mention here though since his TDI self had some nice redemption in the reunion special. He may not have returned in TDA but his constant cameos in TDWT were awesome, well until he turned into Gollum that is. As a villain he seeks revenge on...well any contestant competing. I hope that his mutation reverts him to the sexist jerk we all know and can barely tolerate.

13. Anne Maria


Anne Maria

Becasue she is living in a material world and she is a material girl. Anne Maria was one one of those type of contestants, you know the ones. They have a ton of character but still leave the game anyway. Anne Maria is such a boss that she wasn't eliminated, no our little tan in a can quit. Yes, she quit because she thought her large diamond she got from Zeke was real but it wasn't. I hope she returns just so she can punch Chris in the head for not letting her change her mind.

12. Leshawna=

She's got better hair than Beyonce, a louder personality than Janet, more dance moves than Paula and a bigger attitude than Queen Latifa. But that's not all that make Leshawna awesome, it's her big heart. She may be big and loud but she cares about her friends and if they're in trouble she'll help out. Her character did decline in later seasons but lets pray that Leshawna returns and graces all of us with her dancing skills....or lack there of.

11. Brick

File:180x180 profilw tdri brick 1.jpg

The best army cadet around Brick is stern, but fair and kinda strict. But why is he this low? because TDRI is his only season. If he returns in the near future to TD than he'll go back to being my second favorite TDRI contestant. But why do I like him? at times he's funny and at other times I see his personality. He never leaves a teammate behind and always goes back for them. His rivalry with Jo was also fun to watch as she always got the upper hand.

Midway Closing Thoughts

Like the list so far? If you do than tell me why in the comments and if you don't than that's your opinion. Numbers 10-1 are coming up so see if you and I share a favorite contestant.

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