Hey guys Landry here and this blog (as per the title) are the 10 things I hate about Total Drama. Now keep on mind this just my personal opinion because let's be honest here not everything on Total Drama is perfect.

Now let's get started!:

10. No LGBT For You!-Now this one is kinda tricky because as a cartoon aimed at children it's controversial but since TD is supposedly aimed at teens this is bound to come up sooner or later. There is nothing with having a gay character a lot of recent cartoon allude to close guy friendships as bromances (which I hate). The mention can just be a off one deal that will come up in a later episode or become a plot point.

9. Let's Be Generic!-No interesting characters bore me to death! I mean most cartoons now have interesting characters but TD, yeah not really. I would to see a Teen Runaway type of character. He/she (whichever gender they pick) would have an older sibling who torments them on a daily basis. But since that older sibling is so disgustingly perfect the parents are blind to it. So the runaway comes to TD to basically tell people what's going on. As it's not played for laughs or is too dark than it should be cool.

8. Lack of a Real Mary-Sue/Gary-Stu!-Okay okay okay now before all of the comments pummel me to death hear me out! We've seen characters exibit the traits of being a Mary-Sue/Gary-Stu but we've never had an actual one. This character would be the easy out due to being amazingly flawless and have a lot of conflicts.

7. What's Continuity?-For a show that has about 20 writers total this happens a lot especially betweens seasons. Plotlines are ignored, certain characters are forgotten and Katie and Sadie never change their outfit colors! Anyway, the only between season continuity we got was Courtney's lawsuit and Beth getting her braces off between TDI and TDA.

6. We Are Allowed To Be Offensive Beacause It's Funny-Yeah Mike and Cameron's personalities are freaking hilarious (note the sarcasm!) Moving on....

5. Winners Return Than Fail Horribly-Yeah....I know this is a reality show parody but still Owen, Gwen, Duncan, Beth, Alejandro, Heather, Cameron, Lightning, Zoey and Mike we all hit with this at some point either before, during or after they won (yes, I'm counting Wawanakwa sinking as a failure.)

4. Final 3? Represent?-There should be a season where the final 3 are given the opportunity to do the final challenge and each one gets and ending (TDWT came close but the executives said "NO! >:c".) Each one of the final 3 gets a country to represent like the US, Canada and Australia (other countries can pick which ending the prefer by voting.) Than each one of the final 3 will be given a chance to have the money.

3. Take Our Host, NOW!-I know Total Drama won't be the same without Chris McLean but seriously though doesn't he have a life? A career outside of TD? Does he produce other shows? (oh my god there's a fanfic in there somewhere!) But anyway at least for one season let someone else host so Chris can take a much needed vacation!

2. Background Checks? Ha! Those Are For Suckers!-A psycho crazy girl, a guy who went to juvie for something horrible (which we never heard about) and Chef Hatchet. Oh yeah, Chris really cares about the safety of others not to mention that the interns are all creepy looking, I smell another fanfic idea! (if you use this idea (from this numbered point) as a fanfic be sure to credit me!)

1. Twenty-Two Was Special But Fourteen? Well That's The Other Type Of Special!-I know it's probably difficult to make 22 original characters (I should know, because I've tried) but that's why this has fans! Just look at the fan art of peeps who have original characters! A lot (and I do mean a lot!) are really good and can easily fit into TD's universe (just ask for permission and everyone is happy!) 14 on the other hand.....yeah way too small, too much character development and 13 episodes is meh at best...

So there you have it the 10 reasons why I hate Total Drama! Now don't the show and everything that goes on but if the continue down the road they're on. They won't have any fans left (except for Ted....but we don't talk about Ted....) Anyway, if this becomes a thing (like other people making their own top 10s talking about what they hate about TD) than I can pride in knowing I started a new tread. Or it can all blow up in my face and I can be ridiculed endlessly.

So, read and comment on this blog or else you'll make all of the bunnies of the world sad (which is pretty much a given since you know how bunnies bed! >:3) But seriously though comment if you agree, disagree or you just think I'm crazy and I need to go away.

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