Hey guys now after 5 seasons of Total Drama I can safely make this list without sounding like a complete jerk. Now with that out of the way here are the worst Total Drama episodes ever, in my opinion.

10. Moon Madness


Heather with her polar opposite personality.

Okay, why does this episode exist? Please don't answer that. Out of all of the filler episodes we get. This one fails everywhere: the boring dialogue, Courtney's "conflict" with Gwen and the fact this is a non elimination episode. We saw Mal pull a trick only Scott can do and everyone ignores it. How come it's not higher on this list well I hate nine more episodes more than this one.

9. Not So Happy Campers, part 1


Now I know I'm gonna get a lot of flack since this is the first episode of the whole series. But I'm gonna do it anyway, the jokes in this episode are not funny in the slightest. Also, most reality shows have the contestants introduce themselves. But since this is a cartoon and the writers think we're idiots they do it for us. The main reason why this episode is on this list is because Cartoon Network ruined the end of it by cutting DJ's "oh sh**" line.

8. Monster Cash


DJ, with Duncan and Izzy alongside him, faints and falls out of the trailer after seeing the monster in Monster Cash.

Oh look another intro episode how wonderful, for those of you who don't know that was sarcasm. If did know I was being sarcastic than you get a special best friend cookie. Moving on we find out that it's been two days since Island ended, in that time Beth gets her braces off, meets a guy and Hannah freakin' Montana. Okay that one never happened but let's roll with it. The challenge itself becomes boring and predictable once a few of the contestants are captured. Owen wins because he's Owen and he weighs more than a killer whale. Also I know Izzy is random and crazy but making her attracted to the monster? Really? Let's not forget that Chef is piloting the stupid thing.

7. So, Uh This Is My Team?

Totally sexy

How to ruin an intro episode:

1. Open in on a zeppelin.

2. Only give half of the contestants working parachutes.

3. Turn the host into a hologram (note: this happens before the parachute thing.)

4. Only give four characters character development.

5. Chef is freakin' more useless than ever before!

6. Almost rip-off the premise of Survivor with the challenge (note: I know the show is a parody of Survivor, but this challenge is more like a rip-off)

7. Make the forgein chick the team leader than forget she's the leader until it's plot relevant.

8. Shoving Amy's conflict with Samey in our faces.

9. I liked the storyboard of this episode better than this piece of filth!

I'm done here. Moving on.

6. Dodgebrawl

LeShawna gets hit by a dodgeball

Now once in my sad, lonely and sad lonely life I actually liked Noah so when I saw this episode I was floored. Noah was completely useless in this episode but before this he actively did stuff! He jumped off of the cliff, he helped build the hot tub, he kissed Cody on the ear and he joined Leshawna's victory dance routine. Also, Heather did next to nothing in this episode and was safe as was Lindsay. I hated the Screaming Gophers in this episode, I rooted for The Bass to win. I also laughed when someone on The Gophers side got hit because they were acting like idiots.

5. Food Fright


Guess what Scott, you are a dipwad! I know you're not the manipulative shrew you were in ROTI. But seriously saying the challenge isn't hard enough in front of Chris makes me hate you. I applauded Courtney in this episode for giving Scott a hard time. That red headed moron deserved it! now I can see why people hate him in this season. The ending was no better Chris points out that Sam cheats and is hereby disqualies his team's win even though half of the villains team cheated before but get away with it.

4. The Sucky Outdoors


A.k.a the episode that broke up the dream team and cause Sadie to have a mental breakdown. In this episode they.....go camping....wait aren't they already at summer camp? So in this episode Heather tosses away their compass, Owen is completely useless, Izzy makes Cody wet himself, Bridgette burns down a tent, Geoff is completely useless and it's Katie....who goes home. Okay just because she got herself and Sadie doesn't mean anything. Now before you say that I'm stupid and wrong I would like to point out something. NOBODY ON THEIR TEAM WENT LOOKING FOR THEM! NO ONE ON EITHER TEAM CARED, except for Chris. I also never thought I'd say this but I really wanted to punch to Courtney in the face. I mean flat out saying that Katie and Sadie got eaten by wild animals and not caring makes you a prick!

3. Ocean's 8 or 9

Bank Heist

Yay, this is the episode in which the Type A girl who got what she deserved the previous season comes back! Have I mentioned already that I want to punch Courtney in the face? I have? okay than moving on. The basis of this episode is a bank heist, with Owen and Leshakenit locked in safes. The Grips try as hard as possible to get Owen out while The Gaffers let Lebomba suffer. See children lying to get sympathy is wrong, Heather should take notes. So while Owen and Lebrara are trapped the two teams just talk, so I guess it's okay that Owen and the other one are losing precious oxygen. After, The Gaffers give up on Labebe they start on the next part of the challenge and win. They only won because Owen went crazy and tried to eat Lindsay and Beth, apparently cannibalism is canon.

2. Haute Campture

Bridgette Geoff Ezekiel Pool

Ezekiel at Playa Des Losers with Bridgette and Geoff.

How to ruin a season: wrongfully state this there was a fashion challenge. This episode is a "guess where the losers ended up" episode. This episode is completely useless and makes no sense. Oh and Leshambo gets the shaft because Chris is a sadistic loon. Lesheama did nothing wrong in this episode and she the got the boot because she was likable. You know, nearly everyone up to this point, excluding Eva, has been likable! If they wanted to get rid of someone get rid of Heather not everybody's best girlfriend! Also never build up that the villain might leave the show and than pull the rug out from under us.

Dishonorable Mentions

  • The Treasure Island of Dr. McLean: Never bring a character back just to eliminate them again. It didn't work for No Pain, No Gain it doesn't work here.
  • Super Happy Fun Time Japan: Never test your audience by showing one character do next to nothing than do a bait and switch and have a likable character leave the show by quitting.
  • The Final Wreck-ening: Ha, ha our audience are a bunch of premature babies who like Mike and Zoey and want them to be finalists. The person I hate in this episode the most was, surprisingly, Owen. He had no purpose cameoing and he had no purpose speaking, his time on the show is over with! If I see that tub of goo again in future seasons I'll scream.
  • Camp Castaways: Okay, there's a reason why this episode never made it on my list. It had character development all through out and the pacing was even. Spoiler alert this episode will be on my honorable mentions list when I make my Best Totsl Drama episodes list. The reasons why it'll be there instead of on the actual list will be explained then.

1. No One Eggspects The Spanish Opposition

All the eggs

Hamsters win

This is the worst possible episode (in my opinion) of Total Drama. Hey writers never assume your audience is five years old. Also never make it so obvious that a character with a distinct nationality will do something underhanded! I (and possibly 99.9% of the wiki) knew that this episode involved Al and Heather in some way. I also knew that Heather would be leaving because by this point she was totally useless, at least in the opinion of the writers. Okay get rid of the classic antagonist, give the third season antagonist a purpose, throw in some Degrassi-style bullcrap and oh yeah Sierra is freakin' creppier in this episode! Not only is she flirting with Cameron but her CatDog rat thing wants to rip her face off (I wished it did.)

Closing thoughts

Dear writers,

Screw you and your alleged "imagination"

Your friend,


I forgot to mention I might do a top 10 best Total Drama episodes of all time list based on my opinion, so lookout for it. :p

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