Hey guys I decided that since we have a lot of contestants I decided to make a companion list to go with my top 10 worst Total Drama episodes of all time list.!_(in_my_opinion) (here's the blog)

Now for this list I'm focusing on the contestants that I feel should never/shouldn't have returned to the series over the years. This is my opinion so please leave your hateful comments on my message wall, thanks.

10. Courtney

Queen Courtney


What happened to you woman you used to be tolerable! Now you're an angry failed version of Heather! You also went through two failed relationships, technically one since your whatever with Scott only lasted for like 10 seconds. The reason she's this low on the list is because there are nine contestants.

9. Trent

You know I never really liked you in Island.....I tolerated you in Action because you had a point. The reason I hate Trent is because we don't know much about him we never see anything remotely interesting. His only purpose in Island was to be The Gophers punching bag, no seriously watch all of the pre merge episodes of Island. Now why people like his, he's the tall hansome mysterious musician that all the girls want. But news flash rockers are out and teenage heartthrobs from Canada or England are the new fad.

8. Cody



I don't know why you exist, I mean Beth had more of a purpose than you and she was ridiculous! She was only relevant because of her alliance, your only purpose was to be the Timmy to Gwen's Trixie. Out of all of Peter Oldring's characters I wanted Tyler or Zeke to make it far. Not this cliched copy of every teenage cartoon boy who ever lived.

7. Amy


Oh my god! why can't you let your sister have her own life?! why do you even exist?! The reason Amy is here's because she deserves to be here and you wanna know the worst part? she's not even the worst character on this list! She also had no point either, the only thing we got is the fact that she's a witch to her sister.

6. Rodney

Liar rodney

-"Liar, liar Rodney is on fire!"- Chris.

Oh look Scott got bigger and dumber and he took a whole bottle of stupid pills. When I first saw the Pahkitew Island cast I was thrilled to see Rodney, no really I was. Until he started talking like Sam after he binged on Call of Duty for 8 weeks. Rodney, like B and Leshawna, doesn't look like he's 16 at all. I actually pair Rodney and Amy together cause they're both pointless characters.

5. Jo

Evil Dread - Jo

How do you make Eva more likable? You make this stupid idiot! I don't understand why she exists we have Lightning, Scott and Brick. Oh now I remember why to make fun of lesbians! While she was never offensive, how Lightning treated her as a dude was cringeworthy. I laughed when Cameron got her eliminated in Up, Up and Away in My Pitiful Balloon.

4. Lightning


Speaking of worthless athletic characters it's you! Jo and even Tyler were better characters than you and they had massive flaws. You, on the otherhand, are a flaw and you should be punished for it. Also note for the writers stop rehashing characters who's only function is to get hurt. It wasn't funny the first time with Trent and Tyler, it wasn't funny now!

3. Sugar

Dig sugar

Oh look it's obvious rip-off of a child Pagent queen turned reality star, granny get the camera! Oh no it's not Honey Boo Boo, it's a blonde nut job who needs to get a clue. Her ONE SIDED conflict with Ella is completely ONE SIDED! it's like if Patrick had an unbridled hatred towards Squidward for being smart. Having a shallow one sided conflict is fine if the other person is showing signs of hatred back.

2. Mike


As you can see this is not Zoey, the reason? she gets enough hatred anyway but Mike gets to do anything he wants. Mike, and his personalities, never get repremended for their actions on camera. Chester is probably the only one who got flack but it was just a backhanded comment from Jo. The reason why Mike is here and not Zoey is because Mike was offensive, while Zoey suffers from bad writing. I hope Mike never returns because if he does return than it's bye bye Total Drama.

Dishonorable Mentions

  • Blaineley: I refuse to count you as a contestant because you were only relevant for like 1 day.
  • Cameron: You were a contender for number 1 but another character beat you to it.
  • Sierra and Topher: You two get a pass because you two remind me about how insane this fandom is when it comes to certain characters well Sierra anyway. Topher almost made the list but got bumped because of his obsession of wanting to host the show.
  • Zoey: Having your boyfriend knock you off the list is bad but getting beaten by a relitively new contestant is even worse. Another reason why you aren't on this list is because you get enough flack anyway.

1. Dave and Sky

Lone dave

This is a rewording of what I said before about Sky, since she's reached Zoey's level of devoted fans. Now the reason I dislike Sky is because she's a pretty confident character. Her nice girl attitude and feelings for Dave got on the way but he was no better. I overreacted about my feelings towards Sky, but for someone who's been on both sides of this relationship. You can probably see why I started hating on Sky, Dave wasn't any better, I mean really she doesn't like you that way, dude. My hatred towards Sky came out when she finally got a chance to tell Dave the truth. It stung but after rewatching TDPI's finale I started hating the both of them, but not as much as Chris.

Dave, who voted himself off because Sky doesn't like him should've mentioned her boyfriend Keith. But she didn't because Dave was launched by this point and she is apparently heartbroken. I will give Sky points though for showing a small hint of jealousy towards Dave and Ella. Okay, I'm going to give Sky the benefit of the doubt because most of her problem was that liked Dave. She loves to win, which is why I stated she was one dimensional, her issues also parallel Zoey's but more along the lines of Anti-Zoke. I'm still putting Sky and number one but after some thinking I came to the conclusion (and some people's comments) that this is whole thing is Dave's fault as well. I know Cody couldn't take a hint but at least he helped set Gwen with Trent. Dave on the other hand was a petty little moron who couldn't keep his mouth shut. You know Jasmine was right, Sky should've focused on the challenge in Three Zones and a Baby instead of on Dave.

Closing thoughts

Julie....Ms. Giles, if you are reading this please do me a favor look at some OCs fans on this wiki have posted. Than go to your bosses and tell them that the OCs are better than these 11 losers I put on this list!

Okay so I'm going to be doing a top 10 best Total Drama characters list in the near future.