Yay for being sick! :D (I love sarcasm, don't you? :3) anyway this time around I'm counting down the best Total Drama episodes ever, in my opinion.

So let's get started:

10. Get A Clue

This episode was amazing! Courtney gets shut up in this episode by Chris. Okay so the contestants must collect DNA from everyone in order to board the train. After Lindsay fails at getting any evidence Chris gets some Courtney. This episode is huge slap in the face to Courtney's ego. I can go on and on about how funny this episode was or how Lindsay chose to watch a movie with Duncan but I have nine other episodes to get through.

9. Sweden Sour


Best song so far and ironically it was Cody who set off the musical number by building Team Amazon's boat to look like Gwen. Heather is mad and a chace sequence between Heather and Sierra causes Courtney to get hit, accidentally. Than the song begins, the guys gloat that they're going to bury Team Amazon and Team Amazon admit that they're toast. The end of the challenge is a bit of a letdown since the foreshadowed Team Chris winning but still using Owen as a nuke was priceless.

8. Hawaiian Punch

Versus 16

Hawaiian Punch aka the episode where Alejandro gets trampled on and covered in lava. The song was slow paced but work able, it helped with the challenge and gave Courtney, Lindsay, Cody and Harold something to do. The challenge was original in a sense that it was an improvement of The Last Episode, Really's race challenge. Both alternate ending of this finally show that the writers actually cared and showed us Heather's win and Alejandro's defeat and vice versa.

7. Chinese Fake Out


While I don't like Blainerific in this episode I loved the ending. She can give a speech like nobody's business and she laid it on thick. It's like she's a vessel for the fandom like she told the contestants everything we've been saying. Chris also snaps in this episode and angrily throws someone off of the plane.

6. A Blast From The Past


Shawn was priceless in this episode he saw a gunked up Amy and thought she was a zombie. Throughout this episode Shawn goes on a Brian Griffin-style trip and tries to tell people that a zombie is on the loose. The challenge made little sense but it reminded me of Island for some reason. In the end however Amy gets revenge on Samey for voting her beating her up. This episode is the reason why I has Amy she can't admire Samey for voting her off? Even Jo gave Cameron props for taking her down in Up, Up and Away in My Pitiful Balloon.

5. Scarlett Fever


Three words: Scarlett is queen!

But seriously through never has an antagonist or semi antagonist ever think about blowing up and entire island! The challenge was a true horror challenge and Sky and Sugar actually made slapstick funny. But I still dislike both of those girls since they do next to nothing except be a dues ex machina. Another reason I like this episode is because Shawn and Jasmine kiss and finally have a stable relationship.

4. The Last Episode, Really


Now I know I said I liked Hawaiian Punch's challenge better but I love this finale even more. This was, based on the title, the finale of Total Drama before Action was green lighted. This also gives characters a chance to shine and it was also the episode where Chris got what was coming to him. Remember that because aside from getting arrest at the end of ROTI this was the only got physical with Chris. Heather can't seem to catch a break in this episode which is deserving because of how she treated everyone.

3. This Is The Pits!


It seems that Total Drama loves to do the team switch episode at some point before the merge. This time however it's not the fourth episode of the season this one comes about two episodes before the merge. Max and Sky swap at the end of it and the following episode has them working with their new teams. Also this episode proves that claustaphobia is canon, which falls on the ironic character Jasmine. Topher proves how much of a prick he is by using Chris's cellphone throughout the challenge, it saves them in the end.

2. Not So Happy Campers, part 2

Now I hated part 1 because it felt rushed for a 22 minute episode this one is more evenly paced out. The challenge was original, eventhough it's dangerous, and it gave some characters conflict and screen time. The writers need to go back to this and not make the cartoony and over the top. This episode and the next one on this list treated the contestants as teenagers and not as crash test dummies like my least favorite episodes did.

Honorable Mentions

  • Niagra Brawls: solid challenge, equal character development, a shockingly catchy song and future fanfic pairings.
  • Phobia Factor: this episode makes me smile because this was as real as this show got from beginning to end.

1. The Ex-Files


Solid episode, consistent humor, no one is out of character, the black ops are only minor characters and everything is as it should be. Okay that last one was a lie, the aliens at the beginning zapping the ship is a bit out there but it works. It works because it's true to where they landed. I was going to put I See London... here but I decided not to since everyone hates that episode. So I went with the episode that establishes Gwuncan! yay I guess.

Closing thoughts

I want the writers to look at these episodes as examples to see how good writing is. Now onto other things my Best Contestants Ever blog will be up either later on today or tomorrow so look for it. :p