This blog is a responce to Ryan's blog about Mike, Zoey and Cameron but this is going to focus on Mike. FreshTv thought it was good writing to have a reset button implanted in Mike's head. What happened? FreshTv got a lot of backlash from the fans and from people who are suffering or know someone who's suffering from MPD. It doesn't work that way in anyway shape of form even in a cartoon that parodies reality shows.

Now before you say "Uh, yeah, hi this is a CARTOON! It has no bearings on reality so therefore your argument is invalid." Well all I have to say is "uh, yeah, hi IT DOESN'T MATTER! It's still stupid and insensitive!" This is how TV shows get cancelled and this is also why we have censors. Censors keep crap like Mike suffering from MPD off of the air for a reason. Now Mike having MPD isn't the problem the problem is that people are laughing at it. MPD is not funny in the slightest and anyone who thinks it is funny cause it's coming from a cartoon character needs to leave this planet, now!

I tend to stop watching a show outright that makes fun of mentally disabled people because that show isn't going to be on the air for very long anyway. Which is why I fear that shows like Sanjay and Craig, Breadwinners, Adventure Time and Regular Show will be cancelled if they follow Total Drama's example. Now I know Total Drama is not made by Americans it still airs here and the people who made Total Drama should've changed Mike's character. The same change should've happened around the world before Revenge of the Island came out. Mike being just an actor would've been fine considering his VA is a master at different accents.

FreshTV tried and failed to give Mike a resolution to his "storyline" which wasn't really a storyline. The whole Mike having MPD seems to come across as a fun little game for Cameron and Zoey to play. It also pretty much drove away most of the fans of this show since, somehow, it's okay for a show to be insensitive. If you agree that FreshTV is in the right and that everyone here are a bunch of drooling idiots who get offended easily. Don't bother leaving a comment cause no one wants to hear what you have to say anyway.

I hope if FreshTV wants people to watch shows they produce than they need to think twice before adding on a character with a mental disability. I honestly hold no respect for anyone who found Mike and his MPD funny. If you found Mike, and I mean just Mile, funny and enjoyable to watch minus his MPD. Than that's fine but if you only liked him because of his MPD. Than you need to his that reset button in your head because obviously there's something wrong with you.

I hope you enjoyed this little rant thing I posted and if you want to share your feelings about the Mike Controversy than feel free to leave a comment.

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