Yeah first off this isn't on of those "Oh everybody hates me on the IRC" this is actually the exact opposite of that. This blog is a semi-qutting the IRC blog where I'm going to debate whether or not to leave the IRC over something many people would seem as minor. This blog is also an apology to a friend that I feel has lost trust and faith in me over a temporary lap in judgement. This friend is constantly having their back up against the wall, so to speak, and is causing issues with other users and vice versa. I felt very guilty over it and I would like to apologize to that person for being an idiot. I know this person has considered quitting before but I feel my time is up on the IRC so here's a list of pros and cons over the IRC on what I may leave behind:


  • Great friends that I talk to everyday (Samtastic450, Ale, Alejandro, Silverspark, Breakingmikey, TDIFan13, TDAddict, neko-naito, Lizcat, XoTulleMorXo, Mr.Totaldramaman, TheZobe, bridgette_dj10, Ishni, Politoed86, CD-TDA, Misstditylerfan, Kgman04 and Bigez260)
  • A great escape for real life drama
  • Interesting talk about whatever is on our minds
  • Creative debates over Total Drama (i.e. The Triple Female Identity Crisis)
  • An awesome place to talk about real life friends and how they made you feel that day


  • one word: DRAMA! (the aftermath of fighting natually)
  • Users qutting the IRC and the Wiki over fighting
  • Issues regarding rumors
  • Harrassment and Impersonation
  • Trolling (i.e. QOS)

I am still debating whether I want to quit the IRC and later the Wiki since things are getting more intense over the new season of Total Drama. When and if I'm still considering leaving the IRC I'll go on the IRC and tell everyone what my choice will be. I know that I'm not well known on the Wiki but I'm very well known on the IRC I'm like the little ray of sunlight in the constant clouds of gloom and dispair. If I were to leave let me ask you this question: Will you miss me if I left for good?

Closing statements:

This blog isn't much of an apology to my friend as I thought it was xD but oh well. But honestly I would like to apologize to this user for saying things I shouldn't have. I hope this person can forgive me and believe that I am telling the truth.

Sincerly yours,


As a very wise Tigger once said: "TTFN!....Ta Ta For Now!" :3

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