Note: this is a parody of Total Drama's opening theme song "I Wanna Be Famous". Also Krischelle, Jassmine, Amberlily and Robyn are my characters so please do not steal! Now enjoy! ^^

I Wanna Feel Shameless! By: The Dramaettes

Krischelle: Dear Mom and Dad I'm not so fine,
You guys I lost my mind.
Jassmine: You asked me who I wanted to be
And now open up a mag, I think you'll see,
I wanna feel shameless!

Amberlily: I wanna tan out in the sun,
Go pack your bags, 'cause I got burned by the fun,
Robyn: Everything to prove, but this fat guy's in my way
I'll get there eventually.
All Four: Cause, I wanna feel shameless!

All Four: Na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na!
Krischelle: I wanna be, Jassmine: I gotta be, Amberlily: I need to be, Robyn: I am finally shameless!
(Whistling in tune until the cops chase them away)

I know it fails but what do you guys think? :3 Here's a reference pic of the four girl (it's the only one I have so...)

New Characters

The Dramaettes are Krischelle, Jassmine, Amberlily and Robyn (the first four girls in the pic)

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