Hey guys and gals Landry here and I need to tell you guys something, especially the one who are spoiling the upcoming season. Now Total Drama has been around since 2007 and every season after Island people have been spoiling. Courtney's epic return to compete in Action was spoiled, Owen's tenure as Chris's mole was spoiled and Duncan/Beth winning the season was spoiled.

The worst offense of spoiling happened during World Tour: the teams, Duncan quitting, Zeke becoming Gollem (I don't know how it's spelled), Duncan and Gwen's kiss, Blaineley's debut, Cody's elimination and Al's karma. Those were to me the reasons why I watched that and spoilers ruined it. Revenge of the Island wasn't as bad as Action and World Tour in terms of spoilers (until the final two when Cameron won.)

All Stars overshadowed World Tour by EVERYTHING getting spoiled these include: ALL OF THE ELIMINATIONS, Al being in the robot suit, Al playing Heather like a cheap violin, Mal's rise, reign and fall in power, Zoey and Mike being the final two, Scott and Fang'sconflict, Gwen and Cameron's friendship, Lindsay going home first, all of those useless and annoying exclusive clips, Duncan getting arrested, Sam's "cheating" and Al using the immunit idol against Heather.

Now that Pahkitew Island is airing in Italy people seem to think that just because it's airing there it means that it's okay to talk about it, it's not and it never was. Apparently no one gives Ryan any respect as an admin because he's TWO blogs telling people not to spoil. This wiki of people who are, shockingly, under the age of 13 (the age you are allowed to make an account on Wikia) and they basically ignore one of the people running this wiki.

Ryan's new rule is if you spoil you get banned for a week, I say how about an outright indefinite ban until the season airs in North America. I know it's harsh but honestly we will better without Suzie Spoilesalot. If you really don't anyone else but yourself and you're an impatient mess that watch the season and post all of that crap on the Spoiler Wiki. I know everyone will ignore this because I'm not an admin and I don't care I'm going to quit this wiki either because a couple of snot nosed brats feel the need to ruin the entire season for everyone.

It's basically like going to see a movie and some moron ruins the ending for you because they've seen a lot of times. It's also like watching a hit TV and having the ending of the series finale spoiled by your Grandma. One thing I hate about people who spoil is that they think none else has an Internet connection so they won't see it (mostly everyone in the world has Internet you know.)

So I said what I needed to either you stop spoiling Pahkitew Island for the rest of us or you can continue to spoil get banned because if you do you won't have any friends when you return from your ban (if you return that is.)

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