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Okay first off there are only 4 writers this season: Alex, Terry, Laurie and Ed and no one else. Second I think everyone involved with Total Drama including Cartoon Network is over this show. It shows with the lackluster performances throughout the season plus the fact that good and good-ish characters have been booted off too early, IMO. It seems to me that this season has been more fan driven and the writers know about it.

Another this is continuity (something the writers are list on) is especially shows for Gwen and Courtney as they were part of the main focus of the entire season. The point is that Sundae Muddy Sundae is in fact the worst episode ever written for Total Drama.

Here's what I would've written:

Mal digs around the spa hotel trying to find the DVD Al left behind while Zoey watches from a distance. Suspicious she leaves the hotel and goes to talk to Scott, her enemy. Zoey tells Scott that Mike is acting stranger than usual and asks him to team up with her to get Mike to confess that something's wrong.

Scott denies her and she heads back to the hotel and bumps into Gwen. Zoey asks Gwen if she notices anything strange going on with Mike and Gwen replies that she had. Zoey than brings up what Duncan had said earlier during You Regatta Be Kidding Me and what Al said last week. The two girls (plus Courtney, who was eavesdropping) decide to team up against Mal.

The next day the final 5 meet with Chris, the disheveled interns and Chef. They find out that this week they're tasked to making ice cream for the interns (which needs to be made by hand) and they have to find parts hidden around the island. Typical hilarity ensues as Gwen has the lead pretty much through out the episode, Zoey and Mal are tied for second, Scott is painfully in third place and poor Courtney is dead last since Mal showed everyone her elimination chart.

Zoey and Gwen start sabotaging themselves on purpose to see if Mike will help, while knowing that Mike will help Zoey only. But while this happens Scott takes the lead and Courtney gets caught up during the sabotage. Mal pulls away with Zoey while Gwen apologizes to Courtney for setting up the sabotage. Courtney forgives her and asks where Mike and Zoey are.

Scott, who still has the lead is quickly knocked out by Mal after which steals Scott's ice cream machine parts. Zoey points this out but Mal tells her to shut it, revealing his true self to her. Zoey, who found and watched the DVD Al hid in the hotel, breaks up with Mike/Mal until the real Mike returns.

After Mal threatens Zoey, Gwen and Courtney pass by them and loot the machine parts from Mal. Zoey, taking her parts, leaves Mal with an angry Scott who threatens to hit him. Mal convinces Scott that the girls are against him and that they need to be rid of Zoey. Scott agrees since she's the reason he was eliminated last year.

Back at the campsite the girls are shown struggling to get the machines working just as Mal and Scott show up. Mal flawlessly works on his machine and produces ice cream, as does Scott, winning immunity for himself. Chris than states that the interns will taste Mike's and Scott's ice creams to determine a winner. The girls spare one last ditch effort to sabotage Mike's icecream, which is actually Scott's.

The interns liked Mike's over Scott's and Mike wins full invincibility over the others. Mike chooses Scott to stay with him in the hotel stating that they came to an understanding that Zoey was behind everything that has happened thus far, Courtney defends Zoey by saying that it's not true until Mike plays hacked audio from Zoey's confessionals by making it sound like she was the evil Al was referring to.

At the elimination ceremony Chris hands out marshmallows to:

Mike (for winning invincibility)

Scott (since Mike chose him to share the hotel with him)

Gwen (though she and Zoey set up the sabotages she apologized for it)

This leaves Zoey (her botched up sabotaged attempts, her fake up break up with Mike and the alleged things she said about the others were enough to put her in the bottom 2) and Courtney (who reverted back to how she was during Island and Action and her elimination chart.)

The final marshmallow goes to.....

Courtney (since she was acting like herself and she gives a heartfelt apology about the elimination chart.)

Zoey takes the flush since she tried and failed to get rid of Mal and save Mike from Mal leaves the other 3 to watch as (after Zoey is flushed) that Duncan was telling the truth as Mal finally reveals himself, much to everyone's shock. Chris signs off the episode from there and wonders what will happen next week as Mal is in the house! .......................................

Okay, I know that sounds worse than the episode we saw but hey it's kinda better and the challenge is a bit longer. Also sorry for taking out a lot of the details since I wanted to summarize it as best I could. :3

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