Ha ha made ya read! Anyway hey everyone LandryC here and about a week ago I stated I was going to go on hiatus so I can sort out some personal issues. But my issues are kinda sorted out but there's still tension.....well everywhere. :|

Now I know some of you are wondering what the issue was and I'll you the main issue which is still kinda going on but it's cooled off for right now. Is that two of my friends, who are dating, got into a fight about a month ago and they dragged me into the middle of it. They knew I was going to butt in eventually but I was going to sit out and let them sort it out between the two of them. They started being nice to me and bribing me to side with them so the other will be out numbered (I'm not close friends with them but this guy I'm dating is.)

Keep this in mind out of our little group there are seven (counting myself) people. Two are on the girl's side of the argument and two are on the guy's side of it. I, being the new guy in the group, am in the middle of the fight and I have been in the middle of it for the past month. (Bronies be dramatic. :P)

So yeah now that I've cooled off a bit and left thos two alone so they can sort out their drama. I wanna know if anything fun and exciting happened around here over the past....week. I also have some other news to share I actually want start a new blog series before season 6 starts called "Landry Rants" but I have no idea what to rant about first (that's Total Drama related.)

So yeah sorry for making you read this blog. x3 leave your comments about what I should rant about first (whether it be a contestant, an episode or a season of Total Drama....or even non contestants like Chris or Chef.) Let me know and I can get the first "Landry Rants" blog up by Thursday or Friday (I haven't picked a day yet. :B)

---Landry! :D

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