Okay so here's the deal this morning I wanted to add photos to my flash drive that I had saved from my Pictures folder. While I was watching my laptop load up something bizarre happened that I don't think is a normal computer problem. After the third icon appeared on my laptop, the screen went black then restarted automatically. Now I'm no computer expert or anything I just thought that was odd that it would be doing this without any prior issues. Another thing I should have mentioned in like the first sentence is that I'm making this blog on my mom's laptop, so yeah I have limited time to be on here.

With that being said I will be taking a break until this matter is resolved, maybe it'll be a week or maybe it'll be longer then that. Now I will be handling this matter on my own to show I can handle this maturly........I will be contacting Geek Squad. So you may be asking: what will Landry be doing now? (well to answer that question I have no idea.)

Now here are some questions I will leave you with:

(note: these questions are rhetorical)

What will Landry do without the internet?

Will Landry go clubbing?

Will Landry get a new job?

Will Landry get a new relationship?

Will any of these questions be answered in the order they were typed in? :O

(the answer to the latter question is probably not for a while :p)

Finally in closing I shall leave you with a random word:


(*note this is not a real word and this word is mainly used for humorous purposes)

So yeah TTF-UMLGF!........Ta Ta For-Until My Laptop Gets Fixed!

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