I've seen others doing these kinds of blogs so I thought I'd try it. So here they are:

New Characters

Landry's New Characters

The characters in order are: Harley, Krischelle, Travis, Jassmine, Amberlily, Robyn, Ricky, Eathan, Kaino, Angel, Lavender, Zachary, Holly Marie, Brooke-Lynn, Reece, Blade, Sussannah, Wendy, Gabriel, Jay, Stone and Primrose. (In case you couldn't see their names.)

I was going to use these guys for a story but Chris is not the host but I didn't want someone on the Fanfiction Wiki telling me to change hosts and make Chris the host. All of these characters (except for Harley) are relatively new so I thought I'd show my creativity. :p

I like these characters and I feel that these characters will fit in the Total Drama universe. They all have unique personalities that the writers on the show can work with. Also I would be kinda cool hearing Christian say the names of these characters during the elimination ceremony (this is my fanboy moment.)

Other peoples' original characters are also good but I like my TD style and I like experimenting with different color schemes. I feel like I grew a little bit as an artist or "artist" (since it's kinda hard to sound sincere on the Internet without sounding sarcastic. xD) It would be funny if there was going to be a Roleplay Reborn where they needed a full cast of original characters (they can definitely can use my characters if they wanted.)

So yeah let me know what you guys think. :3 (I'll expand this blog out if it feels so short.)

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