1.Put your media player of choice on shuffle.

2.List the first fifteen songs that come up (skipping titles like "Fugue in D Minor") and add "in my pants" to the end.

3.Bold the ones that actually made you laugh out loud.


  1. Detention in my pants
  2. Lucky in my pants (wow that sounds wrong :|)
  3. For Your Entertainment in my pants
  4. What The Hell in my pants
  5. Friday in my pants ;)
  6. Dancing Queen in my pants
  7. Stephan in my pants ( comment -w-)
  8. I'm Like A Bird in my pants
  9. Quit Playing Games With My Heart in my pants
  10. Say My Name in my pants
  11. Forget You in my pants
  12. Ego in my pants
  13. Am To PM in my pants
  14. Workout Plan in my pants
  15. Dancing Crazy in my pants

P.S......if some of these sound too perverted than let me know xD

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