Hey hey hey LandryC here and today I'm here to talk to you guys about three awesome topics suggested by three awesome people. (they know who they are.)

The first topic is how Gwen changed over the coarse of the season. So this is something that bothered me but Gwen purists (those who think Gwen never changed and they hate anyone who says otherwise.) Now Gwen change happened (in my opinion) when she was eliminated from TDA. Her drama with Trent and Duncan cost her the game (plus Justin's blackmailing wasn't needed.) She has become a rather generic character who's only function is to make friends.

Okay that topic was kinda short moving on let's talk about a certain tropical fruit who debut late in the game. Of course I'm talking about Owen's little friend Mr. Coconut. Now for those of you who don't know Owen made friends with him literally during Camp Castaways back during TDI. The following episode Chef sliced our little buddy in half and Mr. Coconut playing a major role in the game is gone forever. Well aside from small cameo appearances he's rather bland (plus he's not actually real.) The problem with him is that he was a reference to a movie no one here has seen (probably.)

Another short topic? I hope this last one goes longer than the last two. x3

The last topic is about why Eva and Noah (along with Katie and Sadie) haven't played a major role in the show. Now before I start Noah has been on two seasons (but never merged) and made it far in TDWT. But Eva and those other girls haven't made it far (or have ever competed in the show after TDI.) The reason is because fans dislike them (granted they have fans but a whole lot.) Season two was designed solely on settling the massive tie breaker at the TDI reunion special. Season three however was total crock because the producers purposely made it so that so only popular characters made it.

Now Trent and Justin already had story lines in season two along with Beth, who was the runner-up (or winner depending on what country you live in.) Geoff needed to be in the aftermath so he can host it (also so Bridgette can have a storyline Alejandro.) So that just leaves Eva, Katie and Sadie to just sit there and look pretty. I hope they have another season where the loser contestants get to compete again for the million.

Now as you can probably see I kinda shyed away from Noah since he actually got screen time and was used as a plot point for Owen to start distrusting Alejandro. I'm not a huge fan of Noah's but half the wiki is and I don't say something that would sound like an insult. So I'm just going to hope that we get another season of Total Drama where the non-screenhoggers get to compete again.

Thank you for reading and keep making suggestions (because suggestions make kitty's litter smelling fresh all day. :3)

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