Like the title? I know you do. ;)

Anyway I got some great rant suggestions from some great people but for my first blog in my "Landy Rants" series I thought I'd "elephant in the room" and that said "elephant" has five different personalities. Now this rant was inspired by TotalDramaNaruto and all credit should go to him. Because after this fine post: I don't think Fresh TV is going to be on anyone's good side anytime soon.

Now for this rant I decided on to expand from Mike and talk about him and another well known TDROTI contestant (who once lived in a bubble.) I'm also about a certain female with an "exteneded" family. So without further ado it's rant time!

First off, let's talk about Mike and how they decided to end his MPD/DID at the end off All Stars. Now granted this is a cartoon and all sense of logic should e thrown out the widow or killed with fire. But still a freaking reset button? I mean really! I've seen Mike treated better in fan fiction! I know some of you smart guys/gals are going to say "But Landry he's a cartoon character having a reset button in his brain is supposed to be illogical and funny."

Well first off MPD/DID is a real disorder and should be treated like one. Since Total Drama is NOT a live action show (and I pray to God it will never be) they can't use Mike's disorder as random and crazy as they can in animation. Cartoon or not they could've at least had Mike (or Zoey depending on the ending) state that the money will be used so that Mike can a therapist so his disorder is treated properly.

Another thing about this (and yes I am applying real world logic into this) but Mike's parents would've never ever EVER let their son go on a reality show if he has MPD. They know that his disorder affects everything around him and they were probably (like Mike was) worried that the contestants would make fun of him for it. Also, All Stars took it one step further by having Mal in the game and being the antagonist for the season. Chris could've gotten sued or arrested again if Mal physically harmed another contestant (and he did just ask Gwen she tell you who buried her under rubble from Chris's mansion.) But Chris, who's a jerky sadist, probably didn't think much of it and kept going with it.

I'm going to end my rant about Mike here and I'm going to move onto Cameron for a little bit.

Cameron, sweet nerdy by the book Cameron why did Fresh TV have to put the bubble boy tag on you? For those of you who don't know Cameron used to live to in a plastic bubble. His mother wanted him to live in a germ free zone. Cameron seemed to be based on the story of David Vetter who spent his brief 12 years of life in a plastic bubble sine he had a weakened immune system (and before you say anything yes Wikipedia is a reliable source if you look at the articles NOT about what shampoo Justin Bieber uses.)

Long story short Cameron is based on a real person (and a movie based on a real person) but I'll let Fresh dig themselves in deeper when they released Cameron's info in their cast bio series thing. Wow, not really of a rant here huh? Okay well let's move on then.

So my final rant looks at TDROTI's first cast off Staci and why her story could've ended a little differently. First the facts she's a compulsive liar (which is a real thing) but what does she lie about? Her family. We don't know if most of her lies are legit or not or if se was told to them as a child by her parents or an older relative. Now admittedly when I was a child I lied a lot (and got in trouble for it) but I thought treatment was a bit unfair. None of the other know her personally, so they wouldn't if she was being truthful or not.

But the one factor in all of this Staci drama, the one factor that could've decided the legit truth and the phony lies was a short little pale blonde girl who can peoples auras. You guys know who I am referring to so do I really need her name? But I will anyway! >:3

Dawn, yes THAT Dawn the-based-off-Luna-Lovegood Dawn if anyone could see if Staci was being legit or not it would've been her. Now granted her lies are far fetched and make no sense but honestly (lulz for the irony) none of the other contestants would've known her family life (or they could've tuned her out like I did) and she probably would've started to lie about and get some character development as a secondary antagonist or anti-hero.

I think they treated Staci too realisticly (heck, the girl is a walking morality lesson on how lying constantly is wrong.) More irony here is that she was too real, where as Mike and Cameron wee treated as silly cartoon characters, and the writers didn't know how to deal with her so they made her a one trick pony.

All and all Staci could've been awesome as a sort of silly secondary antagonist, who lets be honest here would've teamed with Scott to takedown their team by spreading lies and rumors. Than she could've been eliminated fairly by being blackmailed by Scott for being the mastermind all along and reveal that started the lies and the rumors.

The moral of today's story is: never under circumstances give silly cartoon characters such serious stereotypes/disorders.

So what did you guys think? Too much? Too little? Be honest. (I know I kinda ripped off what Zoey said in Runaway Model. :p)

Personaly I think this blog should've had 152% more Owen in it since we just love him so much! ^^

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