Okay so first off I'm sorry for no rant blog yesterday, I was busy with my boyfriend. He came over yesterday to help me with some early spring cleaning in my bedroom. So enough excuses now it's time for a mini rant about Total Drama Pahkitew Island. Now a lot of people here had a very negative reaction to All Stars. I, being one of the people, was not happy how a lot of the eliminations took place on that season.

Now for this rant I'm going to state why I think people need to lay off of season 6. Everyone is saying since season 5 sucked do badly season 6 is going to follow. The spoilers we had before season 6's US release date was announced was the second half of episode 1's storyboard (which spoiled the first elimination), a one second audio clip of Scarlett (in Spanish) and her final design. There is no trailer yet so we don't have much to go one, exctpt for rumors. It hasn't aired yet so don't pass judgement until the trailer comes out.

A lot of people (pretty much the same people basically) aren't going to even watch this season because of how seasons 4 and 5 played out. That's fine but hey knowing Total Drama they might bring some of the older contestants back for season 7. Another possibility is that they can have an all new cast and the hate can pile onto that season too. Back on topic all we have to do is wait for the season 6 trailer to air to see how the season will play out. We have two months left to go before it's summer time. We can keep the hate and rumors down for season 6 until than right?

Not much of a rant but hey I'm kinda wiped out from cleaning so yeah....a new rant blog coming next Friday (hopefully) where I will talk about Beth and *Landry unexpectedly gets kidnapped by evil rogue ninja cheerleaders*

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