Hey guys and.....gals too! welcome to another fun filled rant. This time the rant will focus on Zoey and Mike's relationship and what I think about it. Yes, I said "I" as in this is my opinion. First off the word "opinion" seems to be lost on some people so before I say anything people need to learn what the word opinion means.

opinion (plural opinions) A belief that a person has formed about a topic or issue. I would like to know your opinions on the new systems.

So didya learn something? No? Okay good so we can move on.

So the reason why I am ranting is because people get VERY defensive over these two so I'm here to tell you guys why I dislike this relationship. Firstly, this wasn't a relationship in TDROTI it as an attraction that started when Zoey and Mike locked eyes with each other. They never even kissed at one point in season 4 and their attraction ended after Mike got eliminated in Grand Chef Auto. Fans of either Mike or Zoey or both need to realize that relationships (even by cartoon standards) don't just happen like that *snaps*. Some examples of attractions leading to something more include Mordecai and Margaret's "relationship" on Regular Show. Mordecai is attracted to Margaret and wants to do stuff to prove to her he is boyfriend material (which dragging his best friend with him.) Now this relationship had time to build, like real relationships do in the real world.

Eventhough Mordecai has been friend zoned by Margaret we see a slight chance that Margaret may have for Mordecai. They hangout together a lot (okay not alone but they hangout with Rigby and Eileen.) But if you see later episodes you see a glimmer of hope that they will end up together (once again I'm applying real world logic to a cartoon.) So moving back to Mike and Zoey the main problem I have with this relationship is that it's not a relationship, at least in season 4 it wasn't.

It played off more like a bad teen soap opera than an actual friendship/attraction/relationship thing. What I mean is here's how fast their relationship formed. Over the course of thirteen episodes they became friends, experienced jealous feelings, were apart of a "love triangle", got rid of the other woman, became separated, experienced worm fuzzy feeling due to being apart, reunited at the finale and I guess started their relationship. All without having kissed each other once throughout the entire season. One reason why I dislike these two is that they're both flat characters. I mean despite his multiple personalities Mike really doesn't have anything else for him other than the fact he exists. Zoey, on the other side of the island, only has her Mary Sue-ness (thank-you writers :) *sarcasm*) and her ability to god play throughout season 4. Another reason I dislike these two as a couple is Cameron (he belatenly was given the idiot ball from Lightning to play with) because he blabbed Mike's biggest secret to both Scott and Zoey.

In All Stars they were clingy and took up about 85% of the story (Al and Heather along with Gwen and Courtney shared the other 25%.) Everyone else in the cast was there to give us some eye candy. More teen soap opera-ness followed as Zoey doubted her relationship with Mike (which by anyone's guess took about a year or so since Al was in the Drama Machine for a year.) The writers we had this season focused on these two because, well everyone else was too boring. It's a shame to Zoey could've had character development apart from Mike. But no everybody thought it would be fun to keep them together and put them as the final two. Also it seems like that pact they made with Cameron followed them into this season. I actually wanted Chris to flush Zoey instead of Scott or Gwen (because a Scott/Gwen vs Mike (Mal) final would be more interesting.)

Well that's all I have to say tune in next week for another Landry rants! Be sure to comment on what you think of Mike and Zoey. Also make me some suggestions about what from Total Drama I should rant about next!

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