Hey guys sorry for not posting this yesterday I kind of forgot. x3 But now I am here to add to the controversy pot and talk about Total Drama All Stars!

So where do I begin? Where is my starting point? Where does Jo buy her sweatpants? All of these questions should have answers (but they probably won't. :c)

Anyway first off let's talk about Sam and why he picked even though technically Brick qualified fairly. What I think the problem is, and this just my opinion, is that the producers like Sam and know that we don't him. People say he's not an All Star and they're he isn't but do you know who is?

The answers to that question are Brick (his conflict with Jo could've been a great storyline for him. Plus this would've given him a joint conflict with Lightning since he voted Brick out in ROTI.) Second we have Anne Maria (once again another great conflict storyline with Jo. Also she would've helped Cameron and Zoey to re-trigger Mike's other personalities when Mal took over.) Lastly we have Dakota (yep, with all of her mutant glory) people don't like her but others do and due to her new size she could've rocked the challenges.

Everyone blames Ed MacDonald and they should he messed up the continuity of the show (my guess he never researched TDI, TDA, TDWT or TDROTI before he starting writing for this season.) But let's not be too critical here the other three writers on this season were also to blame as were the directors. I mean calling Playa des (or is it "de") Losers "Chris' Cottage"? no I don't think so.

This season was only used to wrap-up TDWT and TDROTI (someone here on the wiki said this but I forgot their name. Dx) So TDI and TDA were pretty much ignored aside form (fail) challenges that were way too predictable. If you wanna see more plot points Fire Eater posted what was wrong with this season on Shutid987's Total Drama All Stars blog: Why All The Hate? (Fire Eater makes some good points as do a lot of other people who commented on that blog.)

Other problems stem from Cameron and that whole Sierra thing (personally I liked better when Total Drama Roleplay, Ryan's RP series, when in the fourth season they had TheZobe's character Mody debut and the Sierra in the RP went crazy since Mody and Cody have similar names.) That was more entertaining than just having two really smart characters only having being smart (which is debateable) being the only things the boys have in common.

Cameron was also the "unfortunate guy who gets injured but since it's a cartoon we can laugh at his pain" guy. TDI gave us Owen, TDA it was Justin, TDWT....I'm gonna say Tyler and TDROTI it was Sam. I think the trend is continuing with Cameron (personally I hope Total Drama breaks this trend and gives us a female version of this trend, my money's on Suger, Skye, Ella, Jasmine or Samey to be the first female contestant to follow this trend. >:3)

So I'm just gonna end it off here since there have been about 97 other blogs about how Total Drama All Stars and I'm bound to repeat well everyone else. So yeah hopefully next Friday I can get a better rant out on time. Thanks for reading this rant and don't forget to comment! :D

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