Hey everyone LandryC here and I decided to return to the wiki to give you guys, the fans, an honest review of Total Drama: Revenge of the Island. I'm here to give my overall opinion of the characters. So here we go with the characters.

The characters

Anne Maria: This character at first annoyed me since she reminded me of "The Jersey Shore." But after hearing her speak and how she acted I liked her a bit but I cheered when she quit. Plus that whole Zeke having a crush on her thing was totally out of left field. All and all she wasn't one of my favorites but I don't dislike her either.

B or Beverly: My first impression of him was Mr. Godplayer-Who-Will-Trick-You-Into-An-Alliance. But no he was the exact opposite which made me lose interest in him quickly. When he was voted off I basically yawned since I really didn't care if he stayed or not.

Brick: Personally my second favorite person of the new cast since he had a strong personality. I also enjoyed his conflict with Jo since she'd always beat him. When he swapped teams I really didn't care considering he would take over but he didn't. Despite his love of fashion and the way he carried himself I still enjoyed his comedic nature.

Cameron: Give me a L. Give me an O. Give me a S. Give me an E. Give me a R. What's that spell? It spells exactly what Cameron is a loser. How can a "bubble boy" make it to the end? I still don't know. Another question: where is his bubble? Answer me that Cameron! All I saw in his audition tape was a normal 16 year old boy sitting on his living room couch talking about himself and his interests then is so weak he got pulled down by a butterfly. Enough said.

Dakota: OMG! It's a more vapid and self-centered hybrid of Lindsay and Heather. Plus little Miss Fame Monster turned into an actual monster which is a little bit of an approvement. Arguably I liked her relationship with Sam it was kind of sweet to a limit.

Dawn: I.....have nothing negative to say about her since it's so hard to hate her. I liked her waaaaaaaaaay back when her named was Molly and she looked like one of Gwen's relatives. On the show I loved her interactions with Scott (Dott 4eva!!!!!) since they have conflicting personalities. I almost cried when she got voted off but I was happy when she was gonna donate the TD:RI "swag" she found on the island.

Jo: I wished it was her and Lightning in the finalle since she was very strong contestant. Generally I dislike the Eva-type competitor but for her I made an exception. She had some good lines and a few funny jokes but she does have her negative moments when it came to her team. I mean tossing Cameron at a water mine?...and I thought Scott was bad.

Lightning: A great foil for Scott at first then a possible relationship for Jo. I think he's the real winner of the season since he didn't try to backstab anyone. I kind of liked this Tyler-like character since the teams merged in Grand Chef Auto.

Mike: Didn't really liked him that much at first but I think his multiple personalities gave him some character. Plus Zoey helped with his overall storyline because without her he would have been very boring.

Sam: He is one of those underdogs who got the pretty girl in the end. Also I liked Sam's personality when it was revealed but after a while it got boring and fast.

Scott: White trash FTW! despite his personality I considervhim as my favorite character out of the new cast. He's up there with the other antagonists ranking between Courtney and Justin. He almost hit a Heather level of deceit in Backstabbers Ahoy! But he reverted back a level the next episode but went back to the Heather level when he blackmailed Mike.

Staci: .....uh......nothing about her should be said in a PG way......but her jokes were funny and her references to her so called relatives were entertaining. Also did you know her great-great-great-great-great grandfather hosted the first reality show. It's true btw.

Zoey: She was a BIG surprise to me being the Bridgette of the season but that novelty wore off quickly. Plus her personality never and I mean NEVER came across or was ever explained on camera. I mean aside from her audition tape she never explained anything indie or hipster-like. As Dawn revealed Zoey is a desperate loner who just wants to sleep with Mike.

So there you have it my personal opinion of the cast of Total Drama: Revenge of the Island! review of Total Drama: Revenge of the Island is that the show was sort of bland in certain episodes. Other episodes focused on the cast almost dying every 5 seconds. I hope season 5 is some what enjoyable to watch, I mean if there is a 5th season that is.

I give Total Drama: Revenge of the Island a respectable 7 out of 10.

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