This blog is one of those "lame" apology blogs that is meant to say sorry to the Sims and CoD users who chat with us on the IRC. The main reason I'm apologizing is because I restarted a fight that had ended between two users and apparently a lot of user are/were annoyed at me. I'm sorry to the users I have offended and I hope the except my apology. The reason for my outburst was because of stress going on in real life which made me flip out a lot of the users who enter our IRC from The Sims and CoD Wiki are really nice and helpful to us. When I said I didn't them I obviously didn't mean it, they are way more then just names on a screen. I made this blog to move on in hopes that our wiki and their wikis can get along in peace. So yeah that's my apology which probably won't get a lot of reactions but.....meh I just felt like doing this sooner rather then later.

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