Hey everyone, LandryC here and today I'm giving you my predictions for Total Drama Pahkitew Island!

Sorry for the misleading blog title.....I wanted to be original.

A few things: 1. I'm doing this via memory from the episode 105 script, 2. I am not putting down who is on what team (since I kinda forgot....) and 3. I will not spoil the elimination ceremony for anyone. :3


^I found this on the talk page, if anyone know who made this tell me in the comments section so I can thank them. :)

So let's get started:

The Contestants

"Beardo" (possible real name: Donald, Hal, Henry, Daniel, Bernard or Margaret)

Possible personality: The Goofball, The Lovable Oaf, The FX Guy or The (Ironic) Hipster Guy

Possible placement: 14th-9th

Fantasy VA: Matt Hill


Possible personality: The LARPer or The Cosplayer

Possible placement: 9th-7th

Fantasy VA: Cameron's VA (who's name I forgot...):) or Cathy Wesaluck (I think I misspelled that.)


Possible personality: The Mary-Sue (Bigez get your "Mary-Sue" jokes ready now x3) or The Action Girl

Possible placement: 11th-3rd

Fantasy VA: Tara Strong


Possible personality: The Songbird, The Songstress, The Actress, The Jam7 or The Mary-Sue

Possible placement: 13th-6th

Fantasy VA: Jennifer Hale or Shannon Chan-Kent


Possible personality: The Lil Miss Attitude or The Latina Sista

Possible placement: 8th-4th

Fantasy VA: Cree Summer


Possible personality: The Sarcastic Guy, The Unimpressed Guy or The Uninterested Guy

Possible placement: 13th-2nd

Fantasy VA: Carter Hayden or Samuel Vincent


Possible personality: The Skater, The Horror Lover or The Conspiracy Theorist

Possible placement: 10th-5th

Fantasty VA: Eric Bauza


Possible personality: The Evil Twin or The Bossy Twin

Possible placement: 7th-5th

Fantasy VA: Ashleigh Ball (shared with Samey)

"Samey" (I'm hoping this is a nickname) (if so possible names: Ana, Allie, Ariana, Ava, Alice or Samantha)

Possible personality: The Good Twin or The Follower Twin

Possible placement: 6th-4th

Fantasy VA: Ashleigh Ball (shared with Amy)


Possible personality: The Farm Boy or The Country Boy

Possible placement: 14th-11th

Fantasy VA: Peter New, Alex House or James Wallis


Possible personality: The Mad Scientist, The Wannabe Evil Guy or The Lovable Goof

Possible placement: 11th-7th

Fantasy VA: Kathleen Barr


Possible personality: The Good Looking Guy, The Face, The Screen Hog, The Attention Grabber, The Male Dakota, The Chris Fan or The Overly Cliched Fame Obsessed Loser

Possible placement: 7th-2nd

Fantasy VA: Christian Potenza (.....x3)


Possible personality: The Aussie Gal, The Action Girl, The Leader or The Girl We All Wanna Be

Possible placement: 5th-1st

Fantasy VA: Tabitha St. Germain or Janyse Jaud


Possible personality: The Mousy Girl, The Quiet One, The Anti-Fedora Kid or The Secretly Evil Bookworm

Possible placement: 7th-1st

Fantasy VA: Andrea Libman, Shannon Chan-Kent or Kathleen Barr

First Impressions

Beardo-From what I saw in the script he was pretty decent and not trying to get in the way too much. During the challenge he tried to be epic with his robot sounds but failed. I would rank him 5th on my list for TD:PI.

Leonard-From what I saw he was the main focus (next to Dave) and he was the one who got his team to build a tower. He seems more likable than Dave, which was sad. I would rank him 3rd for my TD:PI list.

Sky-Three words: She. hit. Chef. Number 1 on my list! :D (yes, I like her so now we can move on >.>)

Ella-At first I didn't like her since all she did was sing. But than I started to like her when she did part of the challenge. I would put her at #6 on my list.

Sugar-She was one of the stand out who deserves the 4th spot on my TD:PI list. She was funny, she was charming, she was everything Leshawna and Anne Maria were missing: A love for glitter. Movin' on......

Dave-I'mma gonna let the Dave fans explain why he is so awesome. He ranks number 2 on my list.

Shawn-Nothin' much.....he gets number 14 on my list......

Amy-.....Until more scripts (or until the first episode airs) she ranks 13th on my list.

Samey-Same with Amy until the first episode airs she ranks 12th on my list.

Rodney-Had a great moment with Amy and Samey but not much to go on (similar with Shawn, Amy and Samey.) But I will rank him 7th on my list.

Max-Antag or not an Antag he was kinda cool in this episode being all sneaky and stuff. His evil laugh moment to him being scared of the dark to getting trampled on by the moose. He gets number 8 on my list.

Topher-The only funny thing he did in this episode was pester Chris and than gets shoved off of the hill by Chef. He gets my number 9th spot since this is my first impression of him.

Jasmine-I'm gonna switch her and Rodney's placements since she did some pretty awesome things. She gets 7th while I'll put Rodney at 11th until more info comes out.

Scarlett-Until more episodes come out she gets 10th on my list. Also....beware of the quiet ones.....

So I hope you enjoyed my blog.....I may add more until than....:3

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