Okay...*calms down* that that nonsense is over with we can move on. :3

5. Blah, Blah, Blah-Much of this episode focused on Cameron and Mike (and not Zoey.) This episode also focused on Scott and Courtney a little too much too.

4. I Want Scott To Be My Girlfriend Too-I laughed so hard at that it made my throat hurt so yeah this is only sin since Scott is very mixed up.

3. No Gemmies For You!-I can tell that Chris was generally scared but when he admitted it, I don't think he will be winning any Gemmy Awards this year. :/

2. Fear Is An Ugly Mother-Both Gwen and Chef's greatest fears were exposed greatly. But I can stand Gwen being afraid of being underground but Chef being afraid that Chris could be hurt was a bit unexpected (but not really.)

1. The Former Arch Villain Has Been Replaced-The end preview for next week's episode and what happened to him this week make it pretty clear that he will be eliminated next.

I loved this episode so there are only 5 sins this week instead of 10 so yeah see you guys next week. :p

Disclaimer: this blog is only the demented opinion of a guy with way too much time on his hands. :3

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