Okay first off let me start by saying that I'm not feeling 100% tonight so this list will probably be short since I barely paid attention with the episode so yeah bear with me on this.

Let's get started:

7. A Hurricane of Bad Puns-Mostly from Gwen and Courtney during the challenge. It was funny after the first joke. Than it got kinda painful and unfunny after Courtney kept it going.

6. Alejandro is Magic-His boat stalled than magically worked long enough to win the challenge over Gwen and Courtney. I bet Heather had something to do with this.

5. The Platonic Friendship Is Painful-The whole episode was focused on Gwen and Courtney a little too much. Also some of the things they said to each other reminds me of Katie and Sadie.

4. This Ship Is Sinking-The boat race to me was more like Grand Chef Auto than the episode everyone thinks it's based on, Walk Like An Egyptian Part 2. Also Chris never said which past challenges this one was based on so I'm merely going by a guess.

3. Stop The Competition I Wanna Go Home!-The rigged voting thing was cool when Harold did it but when Mal did it....I dunno it felt....forced.

2. Ageless-Duncan states that he's going to Juvie after blowing up Chris's (not a) cottage. But instead Duncan is going to adult jail instead since by now he should be at least 18. This however is never picked up on by anyone not even the smarter contestants.

1. E is for Epic Failure-This episode in general was by far the worst episode ever. From the alleged character development to Zoey not picking up on her tarot reading to Mike's subplot to take down Mal. I feel that this episode is a complete waste of time and not worth a re-watch.

Okay so there's what was wrong with You Regatta Be Kidding Me. :3

But I'm gonna go lie down now. :c Hopefully next week I'll feel better and bring you guys a better review. c:

This blog is my opinion and my opinion only so yeah.....:/

Please comment. :)

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