Hey everyone!, welcome to another thrilling episode of "Everything Wrong With...." for Total Drama All Stars!

So let's get started!

10. Timey Rhymey-Mal....Al...Pal....I guess the writer for this episode couldn't avoid this for any reason, but it did mess with Zoey's mind later on.

9. Help! Lindsay Is Trapped Inside Of Scott!-...And we never saw Lindsay and her fabulousness again. :/ But still I think Scott got dumber in this episode.

8. Bad + Evil = ?-Alejandro tried to follow Duncan's lead (which was ignored and never mentioned) and failed as a result of no one believing.....okay this was just a repeat of Duncan's exit from the game...

7. Gwentney-They dun broke up! *cue everyone's hearts breaking* and now Courtney is with Scott and Gwen is with Boney Island.

6. Attack Of The Killer Nostalgia!-This episode's challenge is based on the very same episode Courtney was eliminated back during Island. It's strange considering peeps pegged her and Al going home together, thankfully this didn't happen.

5. First Chester, Now Svetlana-Next week's episode might feature Vito or Manitoba or both but who knows (plus I'm calling it if Mike and his personalities get their own spin-off.)

4. Dead Donkies Don't Talk-And with that there was not a dry eye in the house as everyone cried while laughing their butts off.

3. We Get Already!-Mal's evil, everyone (Duncan, Cameron and Al) who tried to tell everyone about Mal has been eliminated and the rest are clueless, well to be fair Zoey is pretty much clued in.

2. There's A Break-Up In Your Future-This time it's for Zoey and Mike. (Sorry fan girls but there was way too much foreshadowing in this episode that proves it.)

1. Woooooooow Chris-You would think that Chris would've known what Al's last name was considering his father is a well known diplomat and that Al was on World Tour.

So there you have it the top ten things that were wrong with The Obsta-Kill Kourse! :D

See you guys next time! ^^

Disclaimer: This blog is merely the demented opinion of a guy with way too much time in his hands. :3

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